Fox News’ Dr. Makary Left Awestruck by American Response to ‘Mild Infection’


Fox News Channel’s Dr. Marty Makary appeared on a recent broadcast of “Faulkner Focus” where he exposed just how corrupt the governments are being on making policies for something that is based upon individual risk. Their blanket policies are choking out and attacking millions of ‘free’ Americans and putting them at risk for much bigger problems in the future.

Look, the greatest failure of the pandemic response by public health officials has been the failure to recognize that the risk of this virus is not equally distributed in the population, and while it may have made sense when we didn’t know what we were dealing with to have one simple message for everybody. Now, it has to be custom-tailored. That means if — look, if somebody has no immunity and they’re old and vulnerable, they’ve got no vaccinated and no natural immunity, sure, they need to be very careful. We need to protect those people right now.”

Dr. Makary hit the nail on the head here. Yes, we do need to protect the high-risk groups. That is an easily achieved task, and something people are not highly debating. It makes logical sense to protect them and to provide options for their loved ones to help ensure extra safeguards are being taken. However, he continued with ideas for the rest of us too.

But the risk in a young, healthy person is very different from somebody in that situation. We’ve never acknowledged that we need to custom-tailor the policies according to the individuals. And those who have chosen not to get vaccinated and have not had COVID, do so at their own individual risk. We’ve never seen this level of martial law and paternalism to prevent mild infection in 300 million Americans.”

Dr. Makary is 100% right here. We as a country need custom-tailored options for people of a wide variety of risk levels. The idea that a ‘one size fits all’ approach would work in this country on a pandemic is absolutely insane. This is where President Trump got it right by encouraging states to make their own decisions. Despite the left claiming he was doing nothing, he was actually empowering the states to be their own advocates for change and healing.

This has not been enough for many though.