Aaron Rodgers Questions Why There Is A ‘Two Class System’ in the NFL Over COVID-19

MPH Photos/shutterstock.com
MPH Photos/shutterstock.com

Aaron Rodgers, the superstar quarterback for the Green Bay Packers, has had his share of the spotlight this season. And it isn’t all because of his game on the field. 

Rodger has been free to share his opinions on a spectrum of controversial topics recently. He has talked about his frustrations with the Packers front office in the offseason; he has spoken about what he believes regarding the cancel culture, and he has opened up about COVID-19. This kind of access to the star quarterback is something the press has not seen in his 17-year career. 

Rodgers appears weekly on “The Pat McAfee Show.” He spoke freely about how the NFL has handled the pandemic and how the Omicron variant has impacted the locker rooms of NFL teams. He also focused on how the culture has been unwilling to talk about treatment options for those who have tested positive for the virus. 

Rodgers said, “The league has adjusted some of the policies already. What I don’t understand though — it makes no sense to me — is to continue to spread this narrative that non-vaccinated players are either more dangerous or superspreaders. Which obviously has been proven to not be true.”

The Green Bay quarterback said that he was talking to one of his coaches about when the flu hit the league hard a couple of years ago. He said that Green Bay had over 20 guys that had the flu at one point. During that time, the players stayed home or stayed away from other players. If their symptoms lessened, then they could decide if they wanted to play in the game. If you couldn’t play, you just stayed away. 

Rodgers said that the players were just smart about it and they reported their symptoms when you had them. He said that the Omicron variant is very similar to the flu that the team experienced years ago.  

So why are we still having this two-class system and pushing this narrative … There are not many unvaccinated guys left in the league…It’s obviously not a pandemic of the unvaxxed,” Rodgers said.

The NFL seems to be responding similarly now. They recently shorted the time of isolation for players who test positive for the virus from 10 days to five. And this is regardless of vaccination status. And vaccinated players who display no symptoms of COVID-19 are now tested less frequently. But unvaccinated players are still required to test daily. 

Vaccinated people are testing positive, and non-vaccinated people are testing positive too. I don’t understand why there’s still this two-class system. It doesn’t make sense to me. Because we’re still punishing non-vaxxed people when the majority of the teams are mostly vaccinated. One’s that are 100% vaccinated are still having major cases, and it’s across all sports,” Rodgers said.

The quarterback was not shy about asking why COVID-19 treatments are not being discussed in our culture. When Rodgers tested positive for COVID-19 in November, he told the world that he was unvaccinated and shared his treatment plan on the “McAfee” show. He also aired advice that he received from Joe Rogan. Rodgers questioned why we have 51 guys on the COVID-19 list right now and there is zero conversation publicly about treatment options for people that test positive. 

He explained that many of the NFL teams are recommending and using the same kind of treatment that he used to do away with the symptoms of the virus. He declared that if you can’t question science that it’s not science anymore, “it’s propaganda.” He is willing to question why there can’t be an honest dialogue about this issue without name-calling and mudslinging.

That certainly seems like a fair enough question. I wonder if the NFL will give a fair answer?