Rand Paul Moves On From Big Tech As He Focuses on Delivering Truth Through Other Avenues

Christopher Halloran/shutterstock.com
Christopher Halloran/shutterstock.com

At some point in every person’s life, they just have had enough of the fight to be heard. The great thing about America is that there are always other sources for one’s voice to be heard. Big Tech has moved from a platform where people can share their expressive thoughts to a place censored by liberals looking to install their next candidate into a political office.

Senator Rand Paul is a man that stands up for the truth. He has a unique way of digging into the truth and pulling it to the surface for everyone to see. But when he has to fight to exercise his right to be heard, something must be done. The liberals seem to like to think that they hold all the cards. But in America, there are always alternatives to fighting the monsters seeking to quiet the opposition.

Paul was evident when he made his thoughts known about the illegal censuring of these companies. He stated, “As a libertarian-leaning Senator, I think private companies have the right to ban me if they want to, however, those of us who believe that truth comes from disputation and that the marketplace of ideas is a prerequisite for innovation should shun the close-minded censors and take our ideas elsewhere, which is exactly what I’m doing.”

Big Tech may think that it has the corner on communication platforms, but all one has to do is remove enough users, and the money will start to dry up. And at some point, they will have to make some tough decisions or go bankrupt. The only way to combat the social media giants is by not paying for their services and watching them struggle to operate.

Paul made mention that he is leaving YouTube. The widely used channel has taken up the task of censoring the senator and keeping his viewers from following him and listening to the truth.

The trouble he has been running into is coming from people claiming to be fact-checkers. These liberals’ biased nuts claim that Paul is lying even though he backs up his statements with reliable sources. The problem with the fact-checkers is that they fail to check into the sources.

The senator pointed out that he is not the only one fed up with the illegal actions of Big Tech. He stated that “Everyone complains about Big Tech. The Left says Big Tech doesn’t censor enough. The right complains that Big Tech censors too much already. Many in Congress, on the Left and the Right, want to break up or regulate Big Tech, but few of these loud voices have actually stepped up and quit using Big Tech.”

YouTube has been accused of deleting videos because it did not agree with scientifically known facts regarding cloth masks. Paul rightfully accuses the channel of leaving science behind and embracing the cold reality of liberal politics. They have jumped into bed with the harlot of liberalism, and their demise will be self-destruction for embracing socialistic ideology.

The main goal, according to Paul, is for the Democratic Party to stop the flow of truth to the next generation so they can feed them a ton of lies with the hopes that some of them will become the next progressive challengers in politics. The drive for power and a socialistic government is the end game for all liberals seeking to quiet the truth.

Rand Paul is going to take his millions of viewers and ditch YouTube. Many may think that it will matter if millions of people stop watching YouTube. But all it takes is for those millions to invest in another like company, and before long, there is a competition that forces YouTube to repent of its liberal ways.

The dirty tricks the liberals use to silence the majority will never work in America. There will always be a competitive factor that balances freedom of speech. It is time to let the people decide the truth instead of telling them what to believe.