Ugly Attacks Keep On Coming from Liberal Left Attacking Ron DeSantis

By Leonard Zhukovsky/
By Leonard Zhukovsky/

Governor Ron DeSantis and his young family are going through some nasty times as his wife battles cancer. One would expect people from both sides of the political fence to have compassion and some level of understanding during these trying times. But the Democrats have chosen to take advantage of the situation and try to blast him for doing what is right. So far, the governor has done a fantastic job of performing his duties and caring for his sick wife while taking care of his minor children. And that is taking care of his family.

The governor has gone out of his way to keep people free in Florida and free from the slavery of Joe Biden and his office. But Democratic contender Nikki Fried has shown just how much of a rat she is by the way she has tried to beat down the governor and his family. She keeps opening her mouth and proving how heartless she is. And somehow, she expects that attitude will win her the governor’s race in Florida this year.

Fried is Florida’s agricultural commissioner. She is a staunch critic of the governor and thinks she knows everything about everybody. Her heart is smaller than the Grinch’s heart during Christmas as she accuses the governor of playing hooky from his job. The nasty liberal had already tried to harm DeSantis with her accusations. But now, it seems she wants to spread even more lies.

Her big mouth came out on Twitter when she posted that “Ron DeSantis is doing everything he can to become a dictator. He’s already half of that word there.” It is pretty evident that the snakish woman does not know what a dictator looks like.

DeSantis works for all people. He has kept unconstitutional laws from strangling the state. He has fought to keep schools open and people from losing their jobs over Biden’s illegal vaccine mandate. And the entire time, Nikki Fried has enjoyed the freedom, and all she can do is attack the man that made it all possible. Fried would instead set herself up as a tiny dictator under her master Joe Biden and subject the state of Florida to the horrors of socialism.

Fried even tried to photoshop DeSantis standing in front of a picture of potatoes. The idea of potatoes rings loud and clear in communist nations. People have to farm potatoes and other crops and hand their harvest over to the government. That picture would go great with Joe Biden standing in front of it with Nikki Fried bowing at his feet.

Fried must live in a delusional world where she believes everyone hates the governor. But the facts show that almost every person respects the governor because he has fought for the people and kept things open in Florida. And there is not a voter out there that will support a contender that resorts to name-calling and family bashing as the basis of her campaign.

The funny part is that the Democratic Governors Association has already admitted that they will lose the election. They know deep down that DeSantis is too popular of a man to be beaten by a big mouth low life that cannot even find it within her heart to offer condolences. In contrast, the man’s wife fights for her life battling cancer.

The midterm elections are supposed to make the Democratic presence in Florida even smaller. People are so fed up with how the liberals have been acting and treating people that they want them all out of office.

Fried and her demonic supporters have only proved how wretched and far gone the Democrats have become under the leadership of Joe Biden. The socialist president has done his part in showing how heartless his people have been for the past year. The country is once again ready for a Republican president and Senate that is willing to work for the people and make American the greatest nation the world has ever seen.