Americans Suddenly Realize CNN Isn’t Telling the Whole Truth

Brandon Stivers/
Brandon Stivers/

For years, CNN stood for the Clinton News Network. If they were sharing anything, it was liberal BS that told us nothing of what was really going on in the country. Even now, we get little morsels of half-truths that, if we’re clever enough, we can piece together the real story by depending on the stories coming out of the rest of the liberal media.

Now, it looks like CNN has let us down once and for all. They’re not telling the truth. They’re not even in the same zip code as the truth. And, finally, Americans are waking up to this.

As we look at the news channels and their ratings, CNN is only averaging 642,000 viewers. While that might sound acceptable, it’s abysmal when you compare it to Fox News, which is averaging 2.37 million.

It’s not surprising when you look at some of the headlines that have been showing up on some of the more conservative news sites. We constantly hear about the various CNN journalists being mocked. From Don Lemon to Chris Cillizza to Brian Stelter, they all seem pretty useless when you read what they have to say.

Most of them still are hung up on Donald Trump. They want to blame Trump for everything that went wrong in 2021, yet it’s been Joe Biden sitting in the Oval Office. If they really wanted to see things improve, they’d storm the White House and tear the pen out of Biden’s hand before he signs another executive order that reverses Trump-era legislation.

CNN has been a disgrace, though none of the anchors fell from grace quite as quickly as Chris Cuomo, who is no longer with the network.

So, with all that’s been going on with CNN, it’s no surprise that the viewership has been falling rapidly. Among cable networks, they’ve fallen to 17th place. It’s gotta be quite the kick in the ego as they realize that Americans simply don’t want to hear about their half-truths, finger-pointing, and blatant lies regarding Trump and the rest of the Republican Party.

In some parts of 2021, including the fourth quarter, CNN tanked so heavily that they were only averaging 492,000 viewers in a 24-hour period. This is down 18 percent over the third quarter but a whopping 73 percent over prior year.

CNN really has to consider adjusting their tag line since it is currently “The Most Trusted Name in News.” You’d have to be pretty far left on the spectrum to be trusting CNN as your primary news source at this point. They’ve been so upset that they are literally making up stories at this point to get people to turn back to them.

Unless they have plans to become a tabloid, they might as well give up right now.

The CNN anchors and contributors need a few lessons on what it means to provide unbiased journalism. We don’t want to hear their common phrases anymore, including “systemic racism” and “white supremacy.”

The left-wing press outlet is going down. The question is whether they will acknowledge the hole in the boat or if they’ll sink below the surface before they realize that they’re not providing the kind of news that Americans want to hear in 2022.