Trump Announced Date for Launch of His Social Media Platform

Evan El-Amin/
Evan El-Amin/

After getting the boot from Twitter and Facebook, former President Donald Trump has made it his mission to make social media more free speech than before. With both companies refusing to hear his requests to be reinstated, and their status as being a private platform and thus not subjected to the free speech clauses in the Constitution he has had little recourse in fixing the situation.

So what is a billionaire-former President to do when his name, status, and money cannot get him a favor? Start his own social media empire of course!!! From Yahoo News “Former President Donald Trump’s new media venture plans to launch its social media app Truth Social on Feb. 21, according to an Apple Inc App Store listing. TRUTH Social, the Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG) alternative to Twitter, is available for pre-order before going live on the U.S. Presidents’ Day holiday. Similar to Twitter, the app offers features to follow other people and trending topics, according to demo photos.”

This app could serve as the conservative’s outlet to not only get around but to get over the liberal-based Twitter. With a launch on President’s Day, it is a rather tongue-in-cheek way to get a little bit of a strike back at Twitter for their actions against Trump and many of his supporters. Given the current political climate and the divide between parties, it is difficult to imagine this app not having a mass influx of liberals.

Liberals of all levels will come into the app for the same reason many people tuned in to Howard Stern when he was starting his shock jock routine; just to see what it’s like and to see how much they can be offended. With no real understanding of how ‘free’ this app will be, or how open it will be there leaves a lot to be uncovered.

If you can remember the old MySpace days (before the introduction of Facebook) it was without much if any moderation. People could customize their looks and the way things were laid out. For many, this was how they got their start in coding and built wildly successful careers from it. More importantly, every account automatically started with one new friend: Tom. MySpace Tom was someone you could never get rid of and somebody who became the most iconic thing to come out of the company. It also meant his posts had the potential to be included for you to see; even if you didn’t want them.

This could be a part of the tactics behind this app from Trump. Mind you, most of the people who keep this beyond a quick look at how it works probably won’t object to getting his messages. After all, he has been speaking the truth about politics and our government; even when it was largely uncomfortable. While liberals have raced to claim everything Trump said was a lie, in the nearly year since he left office, we have seen much of what he was saying was actually true.

Yahoo news provided some news about the rollout schedule as well. “The launch is expected to be the first of three stages in TMTG’s development. The second would be a subscription video-on-demand service called TMTG+ with entertainment, news, and podcasts, according to the company website. A November investor presentation indicated that TMTG also wants to launch a podcast network.” These plans could potentially launch Truth Social into a whole new category of social media.

The biggest fear to accompany the launch of this app will be with security. As anyone who has paid attention to politics knows, the liberals are ruthless at attacking any freedom they disagree with. Given the number of mommy’s basement-dwelling men who consider themselves liberals who have learned to hack, it stands reasonable to suspect the app will come under consistent and ruthless attacks from its launch. Hopefully, they keep the information secure.