Bill de Blasio’s First Smart Move: He Won’t Run for Governor

lev radin/
lev radin/

Bill de Blasio is no longer threatening the streets of New York City. The mayor was recently ousted by a new Democrat, Eric Adams.

Throughout the entire pandemic, de Blasio made everyone miserable. He locked businesses down, mandated masks, vaccines, and more. Meanwhile, crime skyrocketed.

The moment de Blasio left office, the city celebrated. There was no one mourning the loss of de Blasio from the NYC political scene.

Now, de Blasio was happy to move on because he had his sights set on becoming governor. After all, it’s hard to mess things up worse than what Andrew Cuomo managed throughout his multiple terms. And Kathy Hochul, as interim governor, isn’t fairing too well, either.

Of course, seeing one of the worst mayors that New York City has ever seen become the state’s governor would have been a hard pill to swallow. Many wonder if he would have even had a real shot at getting into office.

Luckily, it seems that de Blasio has finally made a smart move. He has just announced that he won’t be running for governor.

“I am not going to be running for Governor of New York State, but I am going to devote every fiber of my being to fighting inequality in the state of New York,” de Blasio tweeted. This comes after months of fundraising and seeking endorsements across the state.

It seems that we have reached the end of the political road for Bill de Blasio. With him out of the mayor’s office and not seeking the gubernatorial bid, he has realized that he has made more missteps than victories. One positive thing is that he actually admitted to some missteps, which is more than we can say for Cuomo.

What’s interesting is that he says that he’s going to keep fighting inequality. How he plans to do that without being a politician is anyone’s guess. Apparently, that’s his way of saying that he was right to allow for the crime to run rampant in the streets. To arrest would have been a show of inequality…because only Black people are arrested, right?

We can say without a shadow of a doubt that it’s a good thing that de Blasio didn’t run for governor. It ensures that he doesn’t get to push any of his signature proposals into the state.

The proposals would have included raising taxes on the wealthy solely for the purpose of expanding early education. While early education is certainly a benefit, it’s not a necessity – and the wealthy shouldn’t be the responsible party to fund it all.

Governor Kathy Hochul will still have plenty of competition during the primaries, which will take place in June. This includes Representative Tom Suozzi as well as Public Advocate Jumaane Williams. Of course, this is just for the Democratic primaries.

There’s always the possibility that de Blasio leaving is a sign that he is aware of the red wave. Other states have made the critical flip from blue to red, including Virginia. While it’s unlikely that it will happen in New York considering that NYC stayed with a Democratic mayor, there are plenty of people who are fed up with the liberal games.

U.S. Representative Lee Zeldin and former Trump official Andrew Giuliani are both running for the GOP.

We might have to send de Blasio a ‘thank you’ note for stepping down if the red wave does, in fact, show up in New York.