DeSantis Makes Announcement on Wife’s Cancer Treatments

By Leonard Zhukovsky/
By Leonard Zhukovsky/

The governor of Florida has had a lot on his plate. He has fought back against the federal takeover and kept them out of the state. The nasty Democrats have attacked him for handling the COVID-19 pandemic. He stood by his wife through all the cancer treatments. And even had to weather personalized attacks by the liberals for how he took care of his young family. And the entire time, all he could do was take care of people and put himself last. And for that, the Democrats wanted to attack him.

DeSantis gave an update on how his wife was doing. He reported that she had finished all the cancer treatments and was recovering well. The nasty liberals wanted everyone to think that the governor was hiding since he had not been on the news. But his schedule showed that even during the hard times at home, he was still serving the people.

In a press conference at South Florida State College in Bowling Green, he stated, “I just wanted to let everybody know the First Lady, yesterday, we completed the final chemotherapy treatment that she has to do. It’s not the most fun thing to see someone go through, but at the end of the day, she’s fought really hard. We think she’s responded very well. She’s still got more stuff to do, but that’s a big milestone because it’s nasty stuff when they’re doing that.”

The Democrats should be ashamed of themselves for the personal attacks that they lobbied against this family in their darkest hour. To try and make it a political issue was a low blow. The Daily Wire had reported that “While DeSantis’ public schedule has been light in the last couple weeks of the year, the Florida governor has not gone on vacation, staying busy in less-publicized work such as staff meetings. On Wednesday, however, Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings set off a torrent of criticism of DeSantis by suggesting that the governor had abandoned Florida to a recent variant of the coronavirus.”

And the attacks just kept right on coming from within the Democratic Party. They could see an attempt to attack the man and use his wife’s cancer as a political weapon against him. They could not put their hatred on the shelf for one minute and issue encouraging words to the governor.

But the news that DeSantis brought was void of any resentment from the attacks that the Democrats brought his way. The Republican governor was more concerned with his family and the people of Florida than trying to play the bashing game brought on by the nasty liberals.

Only heartless Democrats would ever take something so serious as cancer and use it as a political weapon against a Republican. The liberals have become vicious and demonic over the past several years that violence is now their first nature. To be known as a Democrat is to be known as an unstable person.

Republicans from all over the state have wished the family well. They rejoiced when they heard the last chemo treatment had ended.

But the Democrats were silently looking for another way to attack the governor and his wife. They failed to prove him to be negligent at his job by taking time away from his wife. But his schedule proved that he was still just as busy as ever. The energy he spent trying to help her cope with chemo had to be tough. But he did it anyway.

The Democrats tried to make controlling the pandemic more important than a life. But that is expected from a party that does not value life. They see all sick and dying people as worthless and needing to be buried before their time. Instead, they should try and help them, but after all, the DeSantis family is famous, and they cannot stand to see them excel. Joe Biden and his band of heartless thugs have a lot to learn about compassion.