Psaki Tells Americans to ‘Have a Margarita’

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Jen Psaki is the face of Joe Biden. She is the one that has to take to the airways and try to explain what every little detail is about when the old man opens his mouth. The president needed so badly to have a win before the midterm elections that he was praying that the filibuster would be removed so his nasty voter reform efforts would be passed. That alone would ensure that the liberals stay in power for decades. The problem was that he would lose, and now every Democrat cannot seem to stop crying about it.

There have been various reactions to the loss and how two members of the Democratic Party seemingly betrayed their god and voted against removing the filibuster. But the Moderate Democrats are not ready to sell out the country for an ideology that has been proven to destroy nations.

Jen Psaki had mixed feelings as her bright and glorious future came to an abrupt halt when the liberals lost a significant vote. She went on the airways and demanded that people need to go out and get drunk work on their kickboxing to get over the seemingly embarrassing loss emotionally.

Telling people to get drunk is just another way of telling people to bury their problems with the bottle. And not to forget that many of those drunks will get behind the wheel and put lives in danger. The kickboxing effect is just another way of her telling people to go and attack anything that gets in their way. They need to feel better, so violent actions are called for.

Psaki was blunt when she stated, “My advice to everyone out there who’s frustrated, sad, angry, pissed off, feel those emotions, go to a kickboxing class, have a margarita, do whatever you need to do this weekend, and then wake up on Monday morning; we gotta keep fighting.”

She went on to say that all of those nasty recommendations were about to keep fighting for people’s rights. But she never defines whose rights are seemingly being violated. The Democrats want a way for people to vote without showing up and being held accountable and honest at a voter’s box. She wanted to know how people could vote, and the answer was straightforward. They will be able to vote like they always have in the past. They will have to show up and present identification that proves that they are registered and legal to vote. The way of Democrats would allow a person to have as many ballots as they can send. Thereby cheating on the election process.

Psaki’s words of hatred and fear were met with some stiff criticism and backlash. Tim Murtaugh is a former campaign spokesman for Donald Trump. He told Psaki, “This reaction accidentally reveals that their argument that people can’t vote is bogus. Does someone who can go to kickboxing class or chill with a margarita somehow have a problem voting? Her audience is liberal activists who drive their Volvos to kickboxing class.”

After another, one official and public personality took turns bashing Psaki for trying to cry herself to sleep while promoting violent actions against other people. When the election bills are picked apart, one will see that there is nothing there that makes any voting law better. It takes the ability away from the states to set their laws and forces them to accept federal mandates. These two bills take the fundamental rights of the states and take them away from them. They are violating the Constitution.

There are so many Democrats that are seething over the loss that people need to be on notice and keep a watchful eye out for potential attacks. But when one has been brainwashed into thinking that rights are being violated when they are not, they are bound to try anything.

The Democrats are the ones that want to oppress people because they need the conflict to keep instituting their socialist agenda. It is the only way they can try and hide their agenda without ticking everyone off.