Biden Contemplates Sending Thousands of Troops, Aircraft to Eastern Europe Amid Pending Russian Invasion of Ukraine

mark reinstein/
mark reinstein/

When the world is in trouble it seems like America is one of the first places to pitch in and help. As Ukraine stares down the barrel of a potentially long and bloody conflict with Russia, America is weighing its options for how best to help the country as Americans are being extracted. One of the biggest ideas being weight out is the deployment of 3,000-5,000 American troops to Romania, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia. The idea here is to protect NATO states and to keep Russia in line.

While speaking with Fox News over the weekend former deputy national security advisor (under Donald Trump) K.T. McFarland said “Whatever happened in Afghanistan had a ripple effect with Ukraine. Whatever is going to happen with Ukraine is going to have a ripple effect with China, but it will have a ripple effect with Iran. It’s going to have a ripple effect with North Korea because all of these countries will think they’ll seize the moment. They’ll think this is my time. America’s weak, it’s disorganized.”

McFarland’s mindset is not out of line here. Given the embarrassment at how quickly Afghanistan fell, our economy because of the pandemic and Biden’s policies, and the lack of strength shown by America, we have welcomed this risk with open arms. Many countries only behave and don’t attack one another because of the potential fallout with allies and trade partners, or the repercussions at the hand of another nation in defense.

For ages, we have watched out of the smaller nations left after the Soviet Union fell apart. We keep troops in Kuwait to deploy on a moment’s notice across the middle east. Thousands of troops call South Korea and Japan home. Italy, Germany, and The Netherlands all welcome our presence as we keep troop numbers strong. So going to the defense of Ukraine is something that we should expect of our troops and it’s something they should be proud to do.

As Russia keeps the propaganda going forward, and they stage more troops along the border with Ukraine, there needs to be a bigger outcry from NATO and the UN. This saber-rattling under the guise of flexing his muscle needs to stop from Russia. Much the same, Biden needs to find his muscle and learn how to flex. There is no excuse for the Russians being able to build up so much and so fast other than Biden incompetence.

Options to restrict their movements and capabilities via global financial and trade sanctions have been on the table. Biden has done a lot of talking with no actions being taken. America is leading the charge on these actions too, so if we don’t move, nobody does. This isn’t how to best protect Ukraine. It’s how to serve them up.

Given the lack of efforts to get Americans out of the country, and instead opting to issue a warning, it’s as if they learned absolutely nothing from Afghanistan. We have the planes, pilots, fuel, and capability to get them all out quickly and non-commercially. Granted that would take planning and effort. Something our spineless President seems to lack.

With so many ways to go, and so little effort being taken, one has to wonder if Biden’s lack of action has to do with Hunter’s previous natural gas deals in Ukraine. Given the fact that those deals have been falling through and the money is drying up, he may be letting this happen intentionally. Here’s hoping he’s not sending our men and women into battle all because his son couldn’t hack it. In the Navy or in Ukraine.