Rep. Debbie Dingell Forecasts Dems Demise Due to Refusal To Discuss the Issues That Americans Actually Care About

Michael Candelori/
Michael Candelori/

Rep. Debbie Dingell (D-MI) dropped by the Fox News Channel and sat down with “The Story” to discuss the future of America and how the Democrats are under fire unless they change their targets to care about. Given how unlikely that is, everyone should expect to see the party continuing down the path of disfunction and misguided ideas. At least some people within the party see and acknowledge this struggle.

Host Martha MacCallum cited an article by Doug Schoen and Carly Cooperman that appeared in The Hill to Rep. Dingell, and it resonated beautifully. “Biden and congressional Democrats need to dedicate their focus to…viable legislation that addresses voters’ top issues of concern. The administration has spent too much time wrangling members of their party — without success — to pass policies that ultimately alienate key voting groups like Hispanic and Latino voters. And we’ve seen the drift in support, only 28% of Latino voters support the president at this point. So, when he talks about the need to focus on top issues of concern, and when we poll those, it’s the economy, inflation, the border, COVID, would you like to see this White House more focused — and crime, I should point out, is also one of the top issues — on those issues more head-on?”

This point by MacCallum is hammered home perfectly. The writers of this piece know the challenges the Democrats are facing all too well. They want to ensure success occurs, and the Biden agenda is not the way to do that. This article identifies the issues of concern, and many would share this same list. Ignoring that list will be at their peril.

Rep. Dingell’s response was nothing less than expected given the situation. “Quite frankly, that’s what the American people are talking about. I don’t disagree with what that article is. I would argue that we have been doing some things. But I’m pushing my leadership again today. I’ve got a plant closed in my district again today for another week because of the chip shortage. We need to pass the chip legislation. The president wants it. The Senate’s passed it, which is unusual for the Senate to do anything. We need to get it done in the House. We’ve got to address the supply chain. Any Democrat that doesn’t talk about inflation and it’s being real is making a mistake. It is real. But there [are] things we have done, and we’ve got to keep doing to bring that down. If we don’t talk about those issues, you just talked about, we are going to lose the election.”

Her ending statement about losing the election is something they need to be wary of. This situation is not for the faint at heart, nor is it something they want to see happening. Instead, they want to continue down the path they have carved for themselves. Even at their peril. As they prepare to go down with the ship, America looks forward and hopes the advancement of their goals is finally on the horizon.

With the 2022 midterms getting ready to begin, the political ads will be in our faces again in no time. Given what is at stake this time, nobody can expect either side to give an inch to the other. Unfortunately for the Democrats they already know they will be losing ground. Trying to mitigate this loss will not be easy for them. In the midterms, most parties expect to lose some of the House of Representatives and some of the Senate. With Biden failing this badly, that number looks to be astronomical this time around.