Liberals Love Their Mandates As They Protest Governor’s Orders To Make Mask Wearing Optional


The citizens of Virginia spoke with their collective voices last year as they unanimously voted to rid the state of the Democratic trash polluting their lives. The lockdowns and fraudulent courses taken against parents hit a nerve with everyone, and they wanted a change. The new Governor Glenn Youngkin has brought that breath of fresh air, and people are grateful. But the liberals are back to work acting anti-American and trying to push their way back into a socialist rule.

Teachers all over the state showed up to protest, having to teach kids that were not wearing masks in the school classroom. They refused to sit down and teach their classes unless the kids were forced to wear a mask. The new governor outlawed the old mask mandate and left the decision to parents as to if their child should wear one. But the liberals think they still have guardianship authority over the kids and can refuse to do their jobs.

The schools are still trying to force mask mandates on the kid while the state considers such actions illegal. The kids who refused to wear masks were segregated like cattle into a slaughterhouse.

At one school located in Purcellville, Virginia, parents encouraged their kids by telling them to stay strong and keep the masks off. One student noted, “It’s our parents’ rights that they are taking away from us. We’re told to listen to our parents. Now they are not listening. It’s about respecting the government. We followed [Democratic Gov. Ralph] Northam; they should follow Youngkin.” This kid has a valid point in that people followed the rules without question. But once the liberals lost power, they refused to follow the new rules.

These kids have a right to learn, and the teachers are not doing the job they were hired to do. Instead, they want to force a political opinion on others instead of adjusting to the people’s will when the last election took place. They may not like it, but winds of leadership change are the American thing to do to support the newly elected officials. But Democrats are not Americans. They are selfish socialists.

Erin Thomas is one adult fighting for freedom in the classroom. She stated, “You have every right to exercise your civil rights. … You have a copy of the EO, a note from your parents. … The school must provide in-person learning.” The liberals think that they can do whatever they want when they do not get to act how they want.

Democrats do not know how to handle themselves when put in a position where they can make their own choices. They are so dependent on having a big government tell them how to breathe and walk down the sidewalk.

The public school system around the country thinks that it can operate above the law. They forget that the parents pay the teachers’ salaries through the taxes they pay. But they continue to think that they are an autonomous group that can make decisions without having to answer for their dastardly deeds.

The kids that were not wearing masks were rounded up one by one and stashed away in the auditorium. Some of the kids sat in their chairs and refused to move, just like in the days of absolute segregation. But this is no different. The Democrats created the commotions, and now they are trying to deal with it by treating the kids like criminals.

The kids in question are not terrible. They make good grades and usually do what they are told. But now, they are caught up between two warring factions. The liberals want to control everything, and the conservatives want the choice left up to the parents.

Democrats have never been ones to accept a transition of leadership. They are not willing to follow the will of the people. The state changed hands, and every person must follow those in leadership. They can always peacefully protest if there is something about the new regulations that they do not like.