Federal Judges Blocks New Congressional Districts in Alabama

SOMKID THONGDEE/shutterstock.com

After nearly every election the battle lines are re-drawn in the sand. Most of the time those lines are representational for the voting districts. The re-drawing of districts is a tale as old as time. After each election, a group loses a district or at least part of one. This means that they need to petition for new districts so one group can be better represented.

In this case, there was an attempt to only allow for one district to have a black majority making up their population of voters. However, a 2020 census of the state population found that they make up 27% of the population, and as such there should be at least two districts with a black majority. The ACLU of Alabama and the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc. (LDF) were among the parties listed as the plaintiffs.

With a three-judge panel, the 225-page ruling was incredibly thorough in its use of the evidence and its reasoning. “We find that the plaintiffs will suffer irreparable harm if they must vote in the 2022 congressional elections based on a redistricting plan that violates federal law…As the Legislature considers such plans, it should be mindful of the practical reality, based on the ample evidence of intensely racially polarized voting adduced during the preliminary injunction proceedings, that any remedial plan will need to include two districts in which Black voters either comprise a voting-age majority or something quite close to it.”

This ruling is in keeping with current federal voting regulations and brings the state of Alabama back within code. However, is it keeping in mind the wants of the community as a whole or is it just re-drawing the lines to appear more in touch with the progressive agenda? This map doesn’t take everything into account.

The idea that all black people vote Democrat is not only racist and dangerous, but it undercuts those who have the conservative mindset and tells them that their vote doesn’t matter. That is incredibly untrue, and all votes matter. This redrawing of the districts just serves to better silence that voice by putting in more Democrats within the mix.

As it stands now Alabama has a seven-member delegation to Congress. Within that delegation, six Republicans come from the white-majority districts, and the one Democrat hails from the black-majority district. This distinction means something going forward; more need to campaign with a message that resonates.

For ages now, the progressives have peddled the message that they were the only ones who cared. That they understood the struggle of the black man and woman because they were there. They promised them the world if they voted for them. President Biden even went so far as to say that if people didn’t vote for him, they weren’t black. As history has shown, most of those promises have turned out to be empty, and yet they still turn out in droves for the Democrats.

The redrawing of the lines provides an opportunity for the Republicans in these new areas to welcome the black majority in those areas. To embrace them and find out what issues they are facing, and how the Republican party can help. Embracing them is the key to securing the victory and getting generations to fall in line behind them. One of the best things in life is changing your perspective. For years many conservatives have ignored or downplayed the black vote. While it has rarely been a detrimental decision, it hasn’t helped matters any either; especially when the race is already tight.

Looking at this with the perspective of it being a new opportunity to grow the Republican party is not only exactly what they need to do, it’s the exact opposite of what the progressive left expects. Show them who’s boss by embracing these new lines as a way to grow and nurture a new line of the party.