Candace Owens Tells the Truth About Biden’s Dementia

I know we don’t really need any more proof that Democratic President Joe Biden has dementia at this point. But when he keeps displaying his apparently failing mental health live and in person, it’s rather hard to ignore and not count it against him.

The latest comes to us from a speech he gave on Friday in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Here he was speaking to the crowd about child care, noting that his plans are not just to allow every child the opportunity for free care but also universal health care for families who can’t currently afford it or don’t have insurance.

The troublesome part comes when he suddenly starts yelling and screaming into the microphone as well as banging on the podium.

As I mentioned, Biden was talking about children who need health care but might not have access to it due to situations far out of their control.

He said, “Imagine being the parent making the minimum wage or twice the minimum wage and having a child with Type 1 diabetes, knowing that if you can’t – and have insurance – knowing if you cannot get that money for the insulin, your child might die.”

This was said calmly enough.

The next few lines, however, were most certainly not.

He yelled, “It strips you of your dignity, dammit! Can you imagine looking at your child and you know what they need and not be able to do it?”

Biden continued in this irate manner, adding, “Many of you have lost children. Many of you have seen – imagine. It’s outrageous.”

Now, to be clear, anyone with a heart would be rather angry at the knowledge that there are children out there, in America, whose families can’t provide them with the medication or health care they so desperately need just to live. And Biden’s line about it being “outrageous” is absolutely true, particularly in a first-world nation with America’s freedoms and rights.

I can imagine no small number of politicians and parents becoming visibly upset upon hearing that this does, in fact, go on in our nation.

So the fact that he becomes angry about it is not necessarily the issue.

Instead, the problem is how and when he did so.

Biden had been talking about this very issue before a crowd for more than a few minutes already. And yet, for most of it, he was calm and seemingly collected. Then all of a sudden, he is thrown into a fit of rage, complete with yelling, screaming, and pounding his hands and fists on the podium in front of him.

To conservative commentator Candace Owens, as well as many other Americans, there is really only one explanation. And it’s one that’s been brought up several times over the last year or so.

He has dementia…

Owens tweeted later on Friday, “This is dementia. Anybody who has ever seen a loved one suffer from it recognizes these outbursts. Jill Biden and the entire Democratic Party should be absolutely ashamed of themselves for having been willing to exercise elder abuse for power. They knew before he ran.”

Now, clearly, Owens is no doctor. However, as she explained, it’s not hard to recognize the signs if you’ve seen them before. And unfortunately, far too many Americans have seen and experienced the symptoms of dementia in their lifetime.

We also have to consider that Owens is not, and has not been, the only one questioning Biden’s mental state over the last couple of years.

One such individual is psychiatrist Tanveer Ahmed. In July, he admitted that Biden seemed to be showing rather “classic” symptoms of the disease, saying that one of those is the sense that he is “just hanging on,” as well as the bouts of anger.

And the Mayo Clinic’s list of dementia symptoms confirms this, saying that “inappropriate behavior” and “agitation,” as we’ve seen from Biden on a number of occasions, are clear signs of mental issues.

I mean, remember when he exploded on an autoworker in Detroit, even threatening to “go outside” with him? Or what about when he blew up at a would-be supporter and challenged him to a push-up contest. Or even last week, when he went off on a reporter, calling him a ‘son of a b***?”

These are not the actions of a man who is in full control of his mental abilities. On that note, Candace Owens is most certainly correct.