The Useless Biden DOJ Believes Crimes Committed in the Name of BLM Deserves Less Punishment

The American people knew things would change under President Biden. For those who only paid attention to the progressive slanted mainstream media, it was a good sign the bad man was gone, and no more mean tweets could hurt them. They didn’t care how well he did the job, they were just certain Trump would be gone and for them, that was enough.

Well now along with the soaring inflation, a crumbling infrastructure, and a massive problem getting the truth about COVID we now have an unsurprising treat. The Department Of Justice (DOJ) doesn’t want to do business as promised. Now they want to hand down a lesser sentence for people who are caught doing crimes under the guise of BLM. Montez Terriel Lee Jr., of Rochester, New York, claimed his crimes were conducted for Black Lives Matter during a ‘protest’ for George Floyd.

Rather than properly prosecute this man, the DOJ issued a memo claiming they want to hand him down a lighter sentence even though he “committed a crime that cost a man his life” his motives were somehow noble enough to merit a lighter sentence. “Mr. Lee’s motive for setting the fire is a foremost issue. Mr. Lee credibly states that he was in the streets to protest unlawful police violence against black men, and there is no basis to disbelieve this statement…Mr. Lee, appropriately, acknowledges that he ‘could have demonstrated in a different way,’ but that he was ‘caught up in the fury of the mob after living as a black man watching his peers suffer at the hands of police.”

What the MN DOJ and Mr. Lee fail to understand here is how the rule of law is absolute. It does not see color or racial excuses. There is a reason Lady Justice is blindfolded as she holds her scales and her sword. Justice is supposed to be blind. It does not see sexual orientation, color, or creed. It serves to be an equal measuring stick for all. Due to this BLM bias, Mr. lee found himself receiving a recommendation of 144 months in prison from the DOJ. Obama-nominated Judge Wilhelmina M. Wright decided to go even lighter and hand down 120 months. The recommended sentence is 235-240 months for his crimes.

Handing down lighter sentences to BLM protesters is the exact thing they are trying to get away from, they just don’t realize it. Now instead of the good ol’ boy system, you’ll have the racial excuse of BLM to get away from crimes. This isn’t the right way to swing the pendulum. It needed some centering for sure, but this is too much and beyond what is even remotely reasonable.

As more and more of these crimes are being prosecuted, we can surely expect to see more of this as a justification for protests turning into riots. To have such a readily available excuse and the precedence being set is more dangerous than anything they have started up until this point. People everywhere will be using this to justify their crimes. Given the recent uptick in smash and grab robberies in San Francisco and Chicago, they will point to what happened in MN and explain their way out of charges or jail with three little letters.

BLM becoming a ticket out of jail is not an area the American people wanted to take our justice system. We want to see Lady Justice working for everyone evenly. Given the BLM excuse for crimes that caused the death of another man is already horrific, but where will it lead? Will murderers be able to claim BLM and get a lighter sentence? Can someone with a theft charge claim BLM and get no jail? A rapist claims BLM and gets probation? The can of worms the MN DOJ just opened could prove to be very troubling for the nation as a whole.