Clip of President Biden Being Led by Wife Jill Causes Grave Concern for the Future of the President

It’s no news that President Biden is an older man, but he’s beyond just being seasoned. He is officially old, and he is showing just how old that is more and more frequently as of late. Wednesday found a clip coming out of the President being led by his wife Jill Biden rather gingerly after a few steps as he shuffled down the stairs at the White House.

With Jill dressed in what looked to be a classic nurse-inspired outfit, it underscored not only how frail the 79-tear old President has become, but it also led credence to the speech he had just given about cutting cancer in half within the next 25 years. After seeing how frail his son Beau was during his cancer struggle, and then his tragic death, this has become an incredible cause for the President. Nobody ever expected him to be showing how frail he was though.

Many look to these signs of how weak his body has become, how often his mind slips, and they ask how much longer the American people will allow him to lead the country. Given the triple fall getting onto Air Force One last year, and the frequent mental slips, their concerns are very well-founded.

This President has had more bad days in just over a year in office than President Trump or any other conservative President in the last 40 years has had in their entire administration. Biden has been letting our enemies and allies know just how weak our leader has become and how little they are willing to do to fix it. They won’t get him proper help, they won’t remove him from office, they won’t order an unbiased exam for him.

What the liberals fail to understand is this isn’t about humiliating the Democrats. It’s not even about humiliating him. It’s about what is best for us as a country. As a nation, we need to put forward a proper public image. We need to be strong, resilient, unwavering, and willing to help others. We need to stand for what is right not only here but across the globe. Being seen as the melting pot of the world is not an easy spot for this country to be in.

Unfortunately, when our President is checking his watch during the dignified transfer of our service members remains it sends the wrong message. When he contradicts himself in speeches weekly, it sends the wrong message. When his wife is having to help him do the airborne shuffle on a relatively easy to walk on surface, it too sends the wrong message.

That’s all this Presidency has been- the wrong message being sent 24/7. He has yet to send the right message to the globe or the public eye since he got into office. He has been ruthlessly pushing his socialist playbook-inspired agenda. This mindset of party agenda over the needs of the American people has been something people of both sides of the aisle have been against for decades when they are in public. When they go to vote or speak up on an issue though, it is all about the party and what is best for them.

Knowing how his party will continue to spin things, it is only a matter of time until they make America look so weak that another country thinks they can come and take us on at home or abroad. Seeing the President like this should be enough to make anyone who wants the best for our country concerned. If you’re concerned for the man himself, that’s totally fine. If you’re concerned for the well-being of the country, that’s even better. No matter what side of the political spectrum you fall on, this is a grave situation for every American.