Kids Demand No More Masks…Will Mandates Finally End?

Kids are dealing with the mask mandates more than almost everyone else. They have a piece of fabric shoved over their nose and mouth for eight hours a day while they sit in stuffy classrooms. If the mask even dares to fall for a moment so that they can gasp for fresh air, a teacher is there to remind them to cover up.

It makes it hard to learn. It makes it hard to interact with classmates. And, it’s not something that kids should have to deal with, especially when they are in the demographic that is not really impacted by COVID. After all, when less than 1% of the under 18 demographic is ending up in the hospital after contracting COVID-19, why is there such a fuss over making kids mask up? Especially if they’ve been vaccinated?

Well, kids are leading some of the latest rallies. They don’t want to be suffocated by masks anymore.

And it’s hard to keep pushing mask mandates when there are countries all over the world lifting COVID restrictions – Denmark, the UK, Australia, and the list seems to be growing by the day.

Dr. Scott Gottlieb, the former head of the FDA, seems to be joining the growing voice of demanding that mask mandates go away in the U.S.

“If we hold out, again, if we wait for 10 cases per 100,000 per day in most communities, we’re probably going to be waiting until the summer; we’re going to lose the opportunity this spring to try to return some sense of normalcy in the schools.”

Especially in the age of omicron, Gottlieb says that the CDC threshold is “pretty high.”

Particularly in California, we’re seeing mask mandates growing instead of backing off. And Governor Newsom hasn’t done himself any favors. When he showed that he didn’t care about the mandates at the NFL game last Sunday, many took notice.

It’s not just the adults of California yelling. More and more kids are getting online to make sure their voices are being heard. As one high school student from Steel Canyon said “I’m not going to wear a mask if Governor Newsom isn’t going to. I’m following his example.” This was her response when security removed her from the classroom for refusing to wear a mask.

This is where it really matters. Newsom is the governor in a state where mask mandates are destroying the way in which people live. And the mandates aren’t creating some utopia where COVID doesn’t exist, either. In fact, many people wonder if the mandates are actually making it harder to overcome COVID.

If the governor himself cannot set an example, there’s no way that he can expect others to do so.

RedState was quick to point out that Newsom only wears a mask if and when it’s convenient for him. And he never actually owns up to his lack of wearing a mask or apologizes for it. Instead, he comes up with some PR story like how Magic Johnson asked him for a photo.

There are more and more teens taking to social media. In Oakdale, California, a “Mask Off” was even coordinated to show an entire school district that the mask mandates were ridiculous. The district’s response was threatening them with not being able to play sports or even graduate.

The superintendent for the school district, Dr. David Kline, said that “Learning was disrupted.”

Was it, though? Each and every day, students are disrupted because of the masks because of anxiety, breathing issues, and more. But sure, the “Mask Off” event was more disrupting.

The longer the mandates continue, the more pushback there will be. Now that students have found their voice, it will be harder for the liberals to push – especially when Newsom and other liberal leaders aren’t setting a good example.