BLM Ordered To Stop Raising Money for Sadistic Deeds

The terrorist organization Black Lives Matter has been using its millions to buy up things that completely violate laws set forth by the United States. The leaders of BLM seek to use the money in such a way as to make their personal lives better instead of using it as dictated by their charter. They have decided that it would be best to satisfy their lusts for power and wealth than make society a better place for everyone.

The States of California and Washington have gotten wind that the organization has potential violations related to the donations that they are collecting. These two states are blue to the core, and the fact that BLM is so wrong that the liberals are telling them to stop raising money until they can be investigated is as bad as it gets.

The Daily Wire reported that “The BLM Global Network Foundation is the legal entity of the national BLM movement and has received tens of millions of dollars in donations in recent years. The foundation took in over $90 million in 2020, the year protests and riots erupted over the death of George Floyd. The organization has since faced backlash from local leaders who claim the umbrella group has been tight-fisted and secretive about the mounds of cash it has raised ostensibly for activism.”

BLM has used its money secretly to the point that what they are reporting does not match what is known about their financials. California has told the organization that they have 60 days to correctly report on $60 million worth of donations to face the consequences.

These subtle actions prove that BLM is not the organization it claims to be. The leaders are more interested in how much money they can get from people they have lied to. The shocking part is that the Democratic states are crying about the illegal use of donations. Usually, the liberals are all behind the illegal use of funds if they can get away with it. But BLM is so wrong at using money that the Democrats cannot get behind their activities.

The state has notified BLM of Washington that they will find the group $2,000 per donation if it does not clean up its Act. The letter that the Washington Secretary of State Corporations and Charities Division sent to BLM stated, “Please note that a violation of the Act is also a violation of the consumer Protection Act … and could result in the imposition of injunctions and civil penalties of up to $2,000 per violation. Any organization that solicits and/or collects contributions in violation of the Act and CPA will be reported to the Office of the Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division for further action.”

One could only hope that the leaders of BLM could be arrested and placed in prison for fraudulently using donations for personal gain. BLM is banned from collecting donations for the liberal states pending compliance with the law.

Black Lives Matter has turned into a domestic terrorist group determined to reign in anarchy around the country. They cannot stand that the Constitution governs the land, and people can make choices to make their lives better without interference from the federal government.

The states of Connecticut, Maine, Maryland, New Jersey, North Carolina, and Virginia are also accusing the group of illegal use of funds. It is a matter of time before the leaders of BLM are caught and thrown into prison for donation violations.

The donations are to support local chapters and their efforts to enact changes in society. But so far, the $60 million is just sitting at the national level, collecting dust. The group cries that certain people are being mistreated by law enforcement, yet they refuse to act to make things better for people.

Their group is committed to illegal gain and helping enact acts of violence against law enforcement officers around the country. The liberals may act like they are concerned with how the money is being used, but they are just as guilty of misusing money as the nasty leaders of BLM.