Biden’s Dog & Pony Show for NATO

Shine up your medals, get a haircut, and pack your bags boys. It’s time to go entertain NATO with an eastern European tour compliments of President Joe Biden!! At least that’s what the deployment of 1,000 troops from Germany to Romania along the Ukrainian border. They will be augmented by another 2,000 troops from the mainland US to be sprinkled throughout Europe as a whole.

A deployment like this is nothing but posturing for NATO and serves to do nothing but increase the tensions with Russia. With the Olympics kicking off this kind of posturing sends the wrong message. While they love to say this is only to help NATO, we all know the truth behind it; Biden has no clue what he is doing, and Secretary of Defense Austin is facing an adversary he has no real knowledge or expertise on.

Given the horrific advice Austin gave about Afghanistan, you would think President Biden would have removed him, but instead, he has another chance to prove himself here. This opportunity is a horrific mistake. Russia is known for their posturing and given their threats to invade once the ground is fully frozen, it will not be a big surprise when they attack, nor will it be a surprise how hard they hit. Yet Austin maintains that those being sent to Romania are just a symbol, and the others are just for NATO support.

Defense Secretary John Kirby said the units being sent to Romania were “designed to deploy in short order and to move quickly…to deter aggression and enhance our defensive capabilities and frontline allied states.” This statement alone says that he wants people ready to act, but given the mission of NATO currently, and their stance of being a bit more hands-off as of late, these troops will be there just to see how well their equipment did with the move to the new staging area.

With an additional 8,500 already on heightened alert, Austin is doing a thorough job of selling the narrative that they want Ukraine left alone. Given the nature of NATO’s “Enhanced Forward Presence” mission since 2017, it seems highly unlikely they’ll be there to do anything besides making snowballs. They don’t have any real mission or need to be there besides keeping Russia on their side of the playground; a mission NATO has done with the same authority as a hall monitor in high school.

Back home multiple Senators have spoken up to defend Biden, and even embolden him in his mission to sanction Russia. Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chair Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NY) is leading a bipartisan group of eight Senators to support Biden in his quest for sanctions against Russia.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) has been in full support of Biden sending troops overseas. Tweeting “I completely support the Biden Administration’s decision to send more U.S. troops to bolster NATO allies in the face of Russian aggression. It is imperative that NATO meet the moment and that we stand firmly against Putin’s efforts to divide the alliance.” While a strong statement, it is one without real firepower behind it. Much like the idea of NATO being there in the first place.

This is shaping up to be a conflict designed to get Americans and the mainstream media to overlook China’s human rights violations as they set their sights on Taiwan. Given the “truce” that tends to perpetuate the Olympics, it is the perfect guise for a full-scale invasion of the territory. Russia and China have cooperated before, and given what Russia stands to gain by overtaking Ukraine, this is certainly a situation of “the enemy of thy enemy is thy friend”.