Cambodia and SK Bypass Biden…NK Is Acting Up Again…They Went Straight to Trump and Pence

mark reinstein/

Former Vice President Mike Pence spoke at an event held in Seoul by the Universal Peace Federation and the Cambodian government. The UPF has strong ties to South Korea’s Unification Church which has worldwide media and business interests, but it’s best known for its mass weddings. 

Other speakers who attended the event included former U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen. The event also included several former leaders who could not attend in person but chimed in via video. Donald Trump was one of them, and he didn’t mince words.

Trump said that North Korea’s “return to escalation” would have “never happened if I were still president.” There’s concern over Kim Jong Uns’ return to test-firing missiles. 

Trump urged Kim to slow his roll by not doing anything to “endanger” what he said was a “unique opportunity that we worked so hard to create together over the past four years.”

Though Trump and Kim have personally met three times, things went downhill quickly after their second visit. Kim got too big for his britches when he said he was willing to surrender only a portion of NKs nuclear program and that even this would require the lifting of some major U.S. sanctions. Trump said no.

North Korea has test-fired seven missiles since January 2020 when Biden assumed office. Even when Kim was flexing his muscles at Trump he still knew things wouldn’t end well if he crossed the man and this was enough to keep him in check. Then came Biden and there went Kims fears so it’s back to business as usual.

Once attention is directed away from the Olympics in Bejing and back to the world stage, experts say to expect the test firing to escalate. NK is testing Biden to see how far they can get. The Biden administration has offered to speak with Kim but has made it clear that they will not lift or reduce any sanctions. Kim isn’t interested. His current strategy is to become so much of a threat that the U.S. will have no other option but to see things his way. 

Pence brought another factor into the equation by bringing up how China and Russia are getting kinda chummy and increasingly posing more of a threat to their neighboring democratic countries. He stressed the importance of collective unity to stop their aggression while at the same time calling for the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

As long as he was in town anyway, Pence took the time to have a sit-down with presidential candidate Yoon Suk Yeol of the SK conservative party. The two discussed their views on North Korea and the possible steps to take moving forward should he win the next election. For the record, Yoon Suk Yeol has never even spoken with Biden or Harris.

Isn’t it interesting how these Asian leaders didn’t reach out to the White House in their time of need? Surely strict protocol would dictate not bypassing a sitting president. But when Joe Biden and whoever this Harris chick is, keep brushing off the importance of the situation they’re facing in SE Asia, they dropped a quarter and called someone who cares.

This is a historical first.