U.S. Financial Site With 1.2 Million Twitter Followers Found to be Kremlin Controlled…You Might Wanna Read This

In a shocking revelation, U.S. intelligence officials uncovered a popular financial website that’s been promoting Kremlin propaganda. They found five other media outlets that have been targeting Ukrainians under the direction of Russian spies.

With 1.2 million Twitter followers, Zero Hedge has been publishing articles, not of its own creation, but specifically written for them by their sub-contractor, the Kremlin-controlled media. It gets even better. Totally unaware of the information’s origin, numerous U.S.-based outlets share articles from Zero Hedge as a reliable source, meaning those 1.2 million Twitter followers are just a drop in Putin’s pail.

Zero Hedge is back-paddling by saying it attempts to “publish a wide spectrum of views that cover both sides of a given story.” That’s a weak excuse considering how Moscow’s side of anything is designed with the express intent of causing harm and discourse. 

Since the start of the ongoing Russia/Ukraine fiasco, some of Zero Hedges articles have starkly accused the U.S. of promoting widespread panic in Ukraine by making a mountain out of a molehill. Some of the articles are authored by people having known affiliations with the Strategic Culture Foundation that was sanctioned by the U.S. last year.

The SCF was found to be taking its direction from the Russian foreign intelligence service that was twisting facts to better suit their homeland, while at the same time serving as an excellent means of misguiding, predominantly, Westerners.

A few recent articles published by Zero Hedge had headlines such as, “NATO Sliding Towards War Against Russia In Ukraine,” “Americans Need A Conspiracy Theory They Can All Agree On,” and “Theater of Absurd…Pentagon Demands Russia Explain Troops On Russian Soil.”

Of the last headline, we can be certain of one thing. Biden didn’t demand anything of anyone. A tough guy, he ain’t… Were we talking Donald Trump, then yes, he’d of been all over Putin and it probably would’ve put an end to the nonsense before it got out of hand. Meanwhile in D.C., the old guy is still weighing options.

In response to the allegations, Zero Fund posted on its website that there “is no relationship between Strategic Cultural Foundation (or the SVR) and Zero Hedge, and [sic] furthermore this is the first time we hear someone allege that the Foundation is linked to Russian propaganda.”

They stated further, “They are one of our hundreds of contributors – unlike Mainstream Media, we try to publish a wide spectrum of views that cover both sides of a given story.”

It’s hard to argue with the slanting of mainstream media. However, most reputable non-mainstream outlets acquire information from a variety of sources, view the differences in reporting, read between the lines, and then determine the best possible synopsis. They aim for the truth, no punches pulled. They do the gathering and sorting of information for their readers.

Russian FSB officers directed the head of NewsFront, Konstantin Knyric, to publish stories that would specifically damage Ukraine’s image. Knyric received high praises for his work before being asked to provide KSB officers with as much derogatory information as he could find against a news site in Caucasus, one of Russia’s neighbors. 

The other media sites have much smaller followings, but nonetheless, the information gets disseminated through sharing. If there’s a will the Russians are gonna find a way, and their biggest desire is to upset the good old U.S.A. applecart.

Just cause ya saw something on the net doesn’t mean it’s true, and in the political realm, this applies to either side of the fence. Of this much you be can certain though, we’re going to keep on shooting you the news in the most honest and reliable way we can. No Russian influences allowed. Might be cool if you bookmarked us.