James Carville Has a Message for Dems Still Focused on Trump

If you’re a Democrat in Washington, you are likely focused on one of two things: the January 6 capitol incursion of 2021 and how former President Donald J. Trump was involved.

However, for well-known and respected Democratic strategist James Carville, both are matters that the party should basically forget about or else face certain doom.

Carville spoke of the party’s situation during a recent appearance on CNN where he talked with host John Berman.

Berman had asked Carville if he thought the ongoing investigation by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her committee would hold much sway on the upcoming November midterm elections, potentially giving the Democratic Party success.

Carville, as usual, didn’t beat around the bush too much, except to say that investigation’s findings would likely be “intriguing and devastating.” To who? Well, that remains to be seen.

However, he quickly went into why that really isn’t any point he should be discussing and why “people don’t want to know bout it.” Instead, he stated that people want to hear politicians talking about matters that will affect them and their personal lives.

“They don’t want an election about a former president.” They don’t want to listen to politicians or even judges hem haw around the idea that maybe someone in our history did a bad thing, maybe not. And they certainly don’t want to wait around a verdict on has been matters.

Instead, as Carville says, they “want an election about their lives.” He continued, saying, “if you’ve shown substantial policies that improve people’s lives and you’ve run on that as we did in 2018 (when the Democrats took control of both House and Senate), you will be successful.”

But if the party chooses to run on what it has been thus far, what Carville calls “stupid wokeness,” they are going to lose, just like they did in Virginia’s state-level elections in November and New Jersey’s similar resulting gubernatorial race.

Carville has also said that the party has to “quit being a whiny party.” In January, this is what he told NBC’s Chuck Todd on “Meet the Press.” To him, the party is whining far “too much” about anything and everything, which has led to a nationwide cancel culture. And just like recently told Berman, the solution is simple, “get out there and, and fight, and tell people what you did.”

From being a lifelong strategist for the Democratic Party and the one who got Bill Clinton into the White House, he knows that what matters most to the people are policies and statements that affect them. And right now, that means they want to hear about what politicians are going to do about rising crime rates.

But so far, all the Dems have done is focus on past events and what Trump may or may not have had to do with it.

As you well know, crime around the nation has risen rather drastically over the last couple of years. Basically, it all began in the summer of 2020, shortly after the death of George Floyd while in police custody. Overnight it seemed, the Democrats became the voice of “defunding the police.”

Naturally, as anyone with a brain would have guessed, major crime started to rise in cities that took that advice, as they were suddenly left with little to no police. Moreover, the few that existed were extremely limited both in action and resources. But rather than reverse those actions, most Democratic strongholds only dug in their heels all the more, blaming the spikes in the pandemic and its economic woes.

But now, with the pandemic clearly waning and all but the Democrats admitting it, it’s become clear that the rise in crimes across the board has little to do with the pandemic. So it must be guns as if most murders or violent crimes in the US involve firearms. (They don’t, by the way. Knives take that title, according to the FBI).

But of course, rather than focus on what’s really going on, such as the no bail, no jail policies installed in numerous cities, all that seems to matter to leading Democrats is Trump….

And as Carville correctly suggests, that line of thinking will cost them the midterms, if not more.

Of course, they’ve gone too far to give up on all that now. And so, Carville and the few other Democrats who see the rot eating the party from the inside out will likely see their comrades fall come November, some with no hope of ever rising again.