Florida Making Waves With New Abortion Ban Law Being Passed in the House

Liudmila Fadzeyeva/shutterstock.com

The rush to save lives has come to Florida as the state’s House of Representatives moved to pass a bill that would ban abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy. Republicans in every state value life. They know that unborn children are people that have a right to live. But the Democrats tell people that the unborn are not human. So, they believe that a person can murder the baby when it suits them. And if they had their way, abortion could happen even after the child is born.

The efforts laid out by Republican-run states are set to match what is expected from the Supreme Court. The issue confronting the Supreme Court deals with when life begins. The Democrat’s progressive group would claim that life begins when a child becomes self-aware, which means abortion can happen after birth. But Republicans can prove that life begins at conception and abortion is murder no matter the reason.

Politics is about compromise, so to pass a bill, each party must see things for which they can vote. The abortion bill passed with a substantial majority reflecting the power of the Republican Party. The final count was 78-39 in favor of the bill. The bill will now make its way to the Senate, and if approved, it will land on the governor’s desk for signing into law.

Late-term abortion is something that the Democrats would love to see across America. But now that the window is closing in Florida, it will become harder for these liberals to kill their unborn children. The southern parts of the United States are friendly to unborn children. Florida is the last holdout that has late-term abortion options. But now, people seeking an abortion will have to look elsewhere.

The issue of abortion has long been contested ever since the Democrats fraudulently got the liberal court to agree with them that it should stand as a right in America to murder an unborn child. Many states have similar bills that they have passed in recent years. Two other states have made the same move and passed similar bills in the past week. The states are sending a clear message to all liberals that life is precious.

The Supreme Court is finding that the Democrats will challenge each new law that comes up. They will make their way through the lower courts and ultimately land in front of the High Court. And now that the court is perfectly balanced with a conservative majority, the matter of life for all will be upheld.

The critical court case that is set to change the law forever is the Mississippi abortion case. They have asked that the Supreme Court overturn the murderous Roe v. Wade case from 1973. It was then that the Democrats and their liberal court made a mock trial to make it appear that the matter was being discussed. What is not known is that the key witness in the case decided that she did not want to push for abortion, but her lawyers continued the fight without her. The case should have died once the person pulled out. But the liberals had something else in mind.

Florida’s new law makes no exceptions for rape or even when incest is present. The law will broadly cover all abortions and limit the procedure to under 15-weeks. Any attempt to abort a child after 15-weeks will be breaking the law.

The nasty Democrats fought back and argued that it is the woman’s right to abort a baby because it is her body. The age-old argument does not stand up to the fact that the baby has the same rights over their body. The selfish Democrats fail to understand that a baby is human from conception. They call the baby a fetus so they can justify murdering the baby at an early stage of development. To admit a baby is a person at conception is to admit that they are murdering children. And that is just something that they cannot do to themselves.