Liberal Admits Catastrophic Failure to the Kids Living in San Francisco

San Francisco is known for the failed socialism that has made its way into the political landscape. The nasty extremists believe that they can justify and develop an idea and make people obey the rules. The liberal left is so entrenched in the city that it may never be free again. And the ones that seem to suffer the most are the kids that try to survive going to public school.

The Democrats have made it their mission to try and seize power and control people while hiding behind the COVID-19 pandemic. That issues gave them a reason to insist on strict adherence to illegal mandates and closures.

The liberals needed everyone to lock themselves in their homes and not come out while the pandemic was in its early stages. People were then forced to wear masks everywhere they went. Joe Biden then instituted his vaccine mandate, which the city was proud to enforce. And now, the same bunch of terrorists want to keep those same restrictions on the youth.

The city Mayor London Breed was having a moment when speaking on television. The recent recall of socialist school members was a wake-up call to the liberals trying to spoil things. There is a limit to the amount of poison that people will digest for unity. And those on the school board abused the youth during the pandemic so bad that parents demanded their recall and won.

Breed got on television with Chuck Todd on “Meet the Press” and spilled the beans about the city has failed the youth of the city. Parents are sick and tired of the political games that each group is playing. And the entire time, the youth are stuck in the middle, suffering and not being allowed to learn.

The progressive communists were so concerned with the pandemic and what to rename all the schools in the district that they failed to realize that the kids were still sitting at home waiting for the green light to return. But the schools did not want to come back because they loved their extended vacation days and did not have to put up their students. They all got comfortable not working and did not want to give it up.

The recall vote woke everyone up. Breed was quick to respond by stating that “Well, my take is, it was really about the frustration of the Board of Education doing their fundamental job, and that is to make sure that our children are getting educated, that they get back into the classroom, and that did not occur. They were focusing on other things that were clearly a distraction. Not to say that those other things around renaming schools and conversations around changes to our school district weren’t important, but what was most important was the fact that our kids were not in the classroom.”

Breed was very proud of how the virus and pandemics were handled in the city. But that is not saying much since much of the city is already in ruins because of the failed politics that plague the people suffering even to make a living. For a socialist mayor to get on national television and admit that the city screwed up and shafted the youth tells just how bad things are in San Francisco.

Breed also mentioned the next round of school board members will need to “focus on the priorities of the school district, and not on politics, and not on what it means to run for office, and ‘stepping stones’ … we need people who want to be on the school board to make a difference.” The sad part is that those who will be chosen will be more progressives and not any people with conservative values.

The breed is a fine example of how a mayor should not respond to being a mayor. The failed mayor has let the city down and should be recalled. Those that were kicked off the school board are just the start of a massive wave that will change things around the country for the better.