Dorothy May Have Unmasked the Wizard but It Doesn’t Compare to the Discovered Identity of This Mystery Leader…Fasten Up Children

Mikko Lemola/

If social media is any indication, at its peak, QAnon attracted millions of worldwide followers on Facebook and Twitter. While the number of curiosity seekers remains an unknown variable, the law of averages is clear. The number of serious-minded hardcore seekers of what was happening beyond the pale of the media’s Tom-foolery also numbered in the millions.

Since getting the boot from all major social media platforms, and considering how the group has no official registrants, we don’t know their current numbers and neither do you. But we might know something you don’t? Would you like to know who the mighty wizard behind the curtain is? The mastermind? King Q? Of course, you do.

The New York Times reported how a couple of teams of “linguistic detectives” claim to have cracked that nut. The teams investigated independently of one another yet both drew and pointed the same identical revolver at who they suspect of being one QAnons major identical founders.

First, let’s look at where and when the QAnon movement began. In 2017, on a lesser-known yet widely popular online message board, the following post appeared. “Open your eyes. Many in our govt worship Satan.”

The detectives found the group’s first “apostle” to be a wealthy South African software developer by the name of Paul Furber whose behind-the-scenes voice became essential to the group. The report claims it was him who had been pouring a trail of gasoline to D.C. before striking a match on Jan 6. Nobody knows if it was also him who wrote the initial message.

Once the forensic linguist experts gathered their collective findings they had no doubt that Furber had been the early instigator of constructing and disseminating QAnons message on major social media platforms. This was accomplished via a comparative analysis of “Q” texts that revealed how the same brain had guided the same hands that had constructed all of them.  

The linguists say here’s where other investigators have gotten it wrong. “Sleuths hunting for the writer behind Q have increasingly overlooked Mr. Furber and focused their speculation on another QAnon booster: Ron Watkins, who operated a website where the Q messages began appearing in 2018 and is now running for Congress in Arizona.”

“And the scientists say they found evidence to back up those suspicions as well. Mr. Watkins appears to have taken over from Mr. Furber at the beginning of 2018. Both deny writing as Q.”

In his report, David Kirkpatrick of the NYTs explained how the linguists derived their conclusion by saying, “Computer scientists use machine learning to compare subtle patterns in texts that a casual reader could not detect. QAnon believers attribute this 2017 message to an anonymous military insider known as Q.”

The teams of linguists aren’t even located in the same country and neither in the U.S. One investigation was conducted by a Swiss start-up company called OrphAnalytics and the other by the team of Florian Cafiero and Jean-Baptiste Camps, a couple of French computational linguists. The French team is particularly inept at detecting the smallest of variations in writing and they are 100% certain of their reported findings.

So, now you know what the teams claim to have uncovered and how the story’s been relayed by major media. Also, so. It’s now up to you to make up your own damn mind. Handwriting analysis has been around for centuries and more often than not it proves credible. But a typing analyst? Anyone can use the font of their choosing and it’ll be the same choice as millions of others.

As far as analyzing the way a person might have been thinking when they wrote something on one day versus how they might have been thinking when they wrote something on a different day defies the very nature of our confusing species. We’re quirky. We have moods that can vary at the ‘pop’ of a tire in rush hour traffic or the healthy birth of a newborn child. We’ve even been known to drink and text. Gasp. We have great days. We have litter pan days.

This one is for you to decide. What do ya think?