McConnell Mocks Biden’s Mistaken Remark About Iran

Republican Senator Mitch McConnell, the Senate minority leader, wasn’t thrilled with President Biden’s State of the Union address. He not only had some things to say about what was in the speech but also had some issues with what the president did not address. 

McConnell was concerned about how little Biden had to say about China. He said that in a speech that lasted for more than an hour, the president only mentioned China twice. The senator said that neither of the time China was mentioned had to do with the biggest issues we have with the Communist nation: national security or military modernization. 

McConnell also had this zinger about the president’s speech: “The president spoke for over an hour but only mentioned China twice, neither time had anything to do with national security or military modernization. The president only mentioned Iran one time, and it was literally by accident.”

He was referring to a statement where Biden was trying to say “Ukrainian,” but muttered “Iranian” instead.

The Kentucky senator took another shot at Biden because he put massive subsidies into supply chains that are dominated by China. He said that the president was making it possible for our grandchildren to “Build Back Beijing.”

McConnell said that the president’s address might have been satisfactory for an administration that was popular and had been successful in dealing with the problems America is facing. But “that is not the reality that we live in,” McConnell said. He maintained that Democrats under Biden’s leadership have made massive policy mistakes that have caused great pain across the nation. He noted that the general public “overwhelmingly” disapproves of the president. 

McConnell believes that what was necessary for this State of the Union address was for Biden to make a “dramatic pivot.” But that is not what Biden did, he chose to try and reinforce the past plans that have already failed. 

McConnell talked about Biden’s ability to draw unanimous support from both sides of the aisle with Democrats and Republicans giving him standing ovations due to his sentiments regarding Ukraine. But he said that sentiments are not enough and there were no real plans put into place to ultimately help Ukraine with weapons, intelligence, or assistance. And Biden never explained why his administration took so much time to provide any assistance from the beginning of this invasion. 

McConnell said that all Biden did was claim responsibility for the unified response globally. He said that Biden’s administration didn’t even foresee that response and certainly did not orchestrate it. 

If you take out the section on Ukraine, McConnell said that the president’s speech did not include any real comments on the danger in the world today. He said the president never mentioned North Korea, never talked about the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan. And he never talked about rebuilding the defense budget that the president attempted to cut last year. 

When Biden got to domestic issues, things went from bad to worse according to Senator McConnell. He did not address some of the things that are most important to the American public, but he did harp on “Made in America.”

McConnell said that the Democrats want us to buy American, except when it comes to oil and gas. The Biden administration has set a record on importing oil from Russia. And regarding energy, Biden has dumped massive subsidies into supply chains in the grip of China. 

On the bright side, Senator McConnell has some great things to say about Governor Reynolds’s response to Biden’s speech.

“Governor Reynolds represents a Middle American state. She has done an outstanding job managing through the COVID pandemic and has a stunning record of success. We thought the American people ought to hear from the Heartland and that’s why Governor Reynolds was chosen to respond to the President tonight,” McConnell said.