Manchin Ready To Fight Off Biden’s New Push of ‘Build Back Better’

During the State of The Union President Biden ensured the American people heard more about his Build Back Better (BBB) bill. His insistence that this horrific piece of legislation is forced through is disgusting. The American people are lucky enough to have people like Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) who listen to them and won’t just blindly push the BBB because Biden made it.

After the recent push by Biden, Sen. Manchin ensured the American people, and the people of West Virginia did not need to worry about how he was feeling on the issue. “It doesn’t surprise me. Every time they talk, they talk about that. There might be parts they want to talk about. I don’t know. That was a little bit far. I don’t know where that came from. [nothing’s] Changed… I’ve never found out that you can lower costs by spending more.

He’s right too. Spending more money does not save money. While in business, in the short term you need to spend capital to get a process up and going. That process is aimed at making back that money quickly and then being profitable. That’s a solid business model and used around the globe. This idea in the BBB has no return on investment, and it just keeps costing the American people money.

This isn’t money from massive corporations, or the largest earners either. It comes from the small taxpayer and their wallets. These costs are ones they cannot afford, even if the BBB might save them some money in one or two areas, it isn’t saving everything or solving any problems. Anyone who reads into the BBB and studies the projections on it realizes the effects it will have.

At its roots, the BBB is designed to do nothing more than kick the can down the road. It has a massive ballooning structure to it. It gives the American people a lot of ‘benefits’ but at a significant cost. This cost doesn’t kick in immediately though. It takes a while, and when it does it goes up over time. What’s worse about it is how hard it would be to end at that point.

Much like the crack cocaine epidemic of the 1980s, the BBB is designed on the idea of giving the people what they want to feel ‘better’ as a taste of relief from their stress. Then a few years down the line, keeping it is voted on. Naturally, the American people see the ‘benefits’ they got from it, and they are clamoring for their representatives to support it. The problem is, now it comes at a massive increase to the American taxpayer.

In the end, it turns into everyone paying for everyone else. Massive tax increases to cover for those who cannot/will not pay their own end. Then the people who this was intended to help find themselves right back where they were, and looking for an answer. Passing socialism agendas like this is the recipe for finding the end of America’s existence.

People like Sen. Manchin see these programs for what they are. He in turn wants no part of it. He wants to see America come up with programs that aren’t making the cost to the American taxpayer higher than it has to be. He wants to see taxes go down and to see a return to the prosperity America once had. It was not all that long ago, and while things like NAFTA put us in the situation we’re in now, it’s not too late to bring jobs back to America and to build our economy back; better than ever.