Pelosi Contends the Request for $22.5 Billion To Throw Away on COVID Is ‘Absolutely Necessary’

Sheila Fitzgerald/

The queen of real-life Disney Villains and Speaker of The House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is throwing her weight around about COVID funding once again. It wasn’t bad enough that she rubbed her paws together like a villain making tons of money as Biden spoke about Veterans dying. Or again as he mentioned his commitment to fighting cancer. Now she wants to demand COVID funding – again.

Much like the broken record that most Democrats are, Pelosi has been banging this drum on and off again for the last few months. Her idea that they can just fix COVID by continuing to throw money at it is a lot like the alcoholic father who thinks by sending $50 in a birthday card, that the kid forgets all the damage he’s already done. Just the same, she thinks throwing more money at COVID will get people to forget what a horrific person she has proven herself to be.

At a press conference on March 3rd, she told reporters “The appropriators will be negotiating all of this. The fact is, the $22 billion for COVID is absolutely necessary. In fact, we probably will need more as we need more therapies. One of the pieces of this [appropriations bill] is to buy the pills that will be — you get a [symptom of COVID] and you take the pill…So I would hope that they would see the wisdom of the science of what we need to do in terms of COVID.”

So, with just a symptom of COVID people will be expected to take a pill if she gets her funding? Never mind finding out if they have it, or allowing the body’s immune system to do their job? This idea is akin to giving someone antibiotics every time they have a little cough. Over time (and given our population it wouldn’t take long) the virus would become resistant to the pill she wants Americans to take, and it would just drive on faster, stronger, and more drug-resistant than ever.

The ideas of this woman and the rest of this progressive left are aimed at one thing and one thing only: the complete destruction of the United States. The policies they keep coming up with are certain to send America into a tailspin, that we as a nation would be unable to recover from. The claims of our best interests are just the interests of the billion-dollar donors in their pockets, and the stocks they magically trade at just the right time. But her insider trading is a whole other topic.

Pelosi wasn’t done though. “The last thing we need is more transmission. Transmission is where variants are created, and a new variant is a new challenge. So let’s do as much prevention or early intervention as we can.” She’s almost half smart here. Yes, transmission is how variants are created. Yes, a new variant is a new challenge. Unfortunately, too many antibiotics and too much use of them makes the speed at which new variants are created is sped up incredibly. Especially when it’s on its way out.

As a Nation, we cannot afford to keep funding these ideas. COVID is already starting to plummet here. We are not seeing a close number of cases, and even lower hospitalizations. People’s bodies are learning to fight this infection. Some because of the use of antibiotics, others due to their body’s natural immunity. Either way, we are winning the war, and more money is not needed.