Andrew Cuomo Finds New Way Shift Blame for His Crimes

lev radin/

The former governor of New York found out that a person cannot sexually assault dozens of people and get away with it. He also found out that it is nasty to deliberately infect older people with the COVID-19 virus and then cover up their deaths with doctored numbers. Andrew Cuomo is the former governor that ruined his reputation by involving himself in horrible behaviors that would eventually come back and take him down.

Most people would have learned from their past actions. But the Democrats seem to think that they are never at fault and can blame others for their problems and move on like nothing ever happened. Cuomo is still trying to travel the path of blame-shifting. When his downfall started, he tried to make it seem like all the women he abused forced him to do nasty behaviors towards them. But that did not last very long.

Andrew Cuomo has blamed just about every other entity but himself for his wicked actions. RedState found and reported that “While giving remarks at a Brooklyn church, the former governor, who resigned last year after being credibly accused by multiple women of sexual misconduct in the workplace, insisted his ouster was the result of ‘the cancel culture mentality,’ and reiterated that he never meant to be inappropriate with various women. After saying he went through ‘a difficult period the past few months,’ he recounted how after he stepped down, ‘the press roasted me, my colleagues were ridiculed, my brother was fired, it was ugly’ and said, ‘it was the first time that I was glad that my father wasn’t here, so he didn’t have to see it.'”

Of all the former governor’s excuses, the worst was him claiming that his actions never changed, but the women did over the past four decades. He wanted them to remain the same and be acceptable to how the sick old man messed around with women from every generation.

The problem with Cuomo’s logic is that he assumes that it is suitable for him to assault women sexually. But in every decade, the vast majority of people will never accept the advances of a man known for inappropriate behaviors.

Cuomo tried to tell people that no one ever told him that his actions made them uncomfortable. And the reason why they never would be because they feared for their lives. Democrats are known to be violent when they do not get what they want out of people. They have been known to threaten and do things to people to get them to stay quiet about the truth.

Cuomo stated that “With cancel culture, we now live in a frightening new world where any accusation can trigger condemnation without facts, without due process. We are a nation of laws – not a nation of Tweets. Social media and Twitter spread cancel culture like a virus. They allow the extreme minority to overpower the reasonable majority.”

The funny part about his statement is that he is finally on the receiving end of the very ideology that his party has long supported. He is getting a taste of the liberal poison that his generation and supporters have long sought to brainwash the youth with.

Andrew Cuomo may have tried to play the old man card, but it failed. It does not matter what age a person may be in life; they do not have the right to abuse or run their hands up someone’s shirt sexually. Andrew Cuomo had a sex addiction and thought that he could abuse every woman that came into his presence.

The Democratic Party is all about satisfying their lusts. They seek power and will do anything to get it. They need to have people in their lives that they can abuse to feel important. And they believe that they should have a harlot’s chamber on demand to fulfill their lustful passions when the need arises.