China’s in Bed With Russia Pretending To Still Be Asleep…Its 2.8 Billion Soldiers Are Wide Awake

Alexander Ryabintsev

To outward appearances, China is remaining neutral on the Russian invasion of Ukraine. They prefer to remain silent as they observe how the event unfolds. While this should ease at least some of the tension being felt around the world, don’t misjudge Bejing. What the communists are feeding their citizens indicates anything but neutrality. The evil U.S. empire is seeking world domination.

The Chinese government has been reading bedtime stories to its 1.4 billion children from their well-authored science fiction novel. The first chapter has the U.S. secretly funding a build-up of biological weapons in Ukraine so the country can assist them with taking out Russia when the time is right.

Since Putin is fully aware of the devious plot he’s simply conducting “special military operations” so Russia will be prepared to fight back when the inevitable happens.

They’re just practicing right now and Russian President Vladimir Putin should be praised for his fearlessness at being willing to take such a bold stance against tyranny and oppression. Vlad-Vader’s got his lightsaber charged up and ready. 

The government-controlled media of China is mimicking broadcasts from the likewise government-controlled Russian state media, word for word. On China’s copycat Twitter platform, Weibo, the 300 top-shared posts were adamantly pro-Russia.

On average, each individual post was shared over 1,000 times. The majority of the pro-Russian posts accredited their information to Russian officials or as being snagged straight off of Russian state media.

From out here in the free world looking in it’s fairly obvious how the Chinese and the Russians are tag-teaming a highly coordinated campaign of straight-up propaganda. But their respective citizens, unlike us, are held hostage from the truth.

The talking points between both controlled media sources are identical and they touch on the U.S. oppression of both China and Russia. The points include the U.S.s treatment of Russian dissidents, the funding of pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong, its lies concerning the origin of COVID-19, and the U.S. government’s clever way of tainting the worlds’ view of authoritarian regimes which in actuality is the only logical way to go. 

China’s media is fully government vetted in accordance with strict directives. To waver is to disappear. Forever. By the Commies choosing to follow Russia’s lead with a fabricated mischaracterization of how the war went down is a crystal clear indication of the two leaders playing footsy in the same cozy bed. Kinda makes you wonder which one is the…never mind… 

The Chinese have made a mockery of themselves. Unlike the myopic view afforded to their citizens, people of the Western world have a full range of vision and can see both tongues wagging in different directions.  They’ve been caught in a lie they’ll continue to spread to their oblivious peasants who will remain ignorant of the truth. 

Here’s what’s being hidden from the Chinese public. Civilian sites, including a maternity hospital, are being blown to bits in direct contradiction to what Putin vowed not to do.

They are, however, being informed of the horrific Nazi-like techniques the Ukrainians are inflicting upon captured Russian soldiers. They’ve been told that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has disappeared to unknown whereabouts. The coward tucked his tail and ran. 

China’s attempt to pull the wool over their own people is working, and this is concerning. Should the war in Ukraine intensify and should the Russians break through the more than 4,700 U.S. troops waiting to greet them at the Ukraine/Poland border, Beijing will most likely dispatch its 2.8 million soldiers to finish what the Russians started. 

Don’t be too at ease.