Keystone Project Permanently Left to Rust Because Biden Killed It Off

Joe Biden has done more to hurt the American people than the COVID-19 virus could ever have done. The president had killed off many of the new jobs that Donald Trump created when he was president. Biden has also seen to it to force America to return to having to depend on foreign oil to power the country. His actions have led to the highest gas prices in American history.

One of the worst things that Biden did was shut down the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline. That one source of oil would have kept America from feeling the effects of Biden’s and Putin’s war against the Ukrainian people. The high gas prices are so bad that Republicans and others are demanding that the construction of the pipeline resume. But it seems that it may be beyond reality.

The real problem that the pipeline faced was not coming from the land it was to travel across. The issues were coming thousands of miles away from Democrats that could not stand to see the pipeline construction because it was a Republican president that made it possible for it to take off. Biden took it upon himself to kill the deal because he wanted to make a political statement.

The Premier of Alberta, Canada is Jason Kenney, and he made mention that the high prices would go away if the pipeline were finished. Gas prices are at an all-time high because of Biden’s actions. But the problem now is not political but rather from the harm that Biden put people through when he canceled the project.

People can only be bullied so much before they walk away. TC Energy was the company working on the project when Biden barfed all over it. They stated that the project would not be able to be restarted at this point. The $8 billion projects were slated to help struggling communities with jobs and provide a financial future to help small towns develop better.

One such investor is Laurie Cox. She owns a hotel in South Dakota. Her investment in the project helped House, the workers, and once Biden killed the deal, she and others were left with empty dreams and hopes. The entire region has several camps where workers once lived that are now abandoned and forgotten in time because pathetic Biden could not leave it alone.

Cox stated that “The man camp outside of Philip still has a few trailers, but it’s as dead as dead could be. The pod stations appear to be abandoned. There’s nothing there.”

The companies suffered a significant loss because of Biden’s bad decisions. And now that the project has been shut down, the companies contracted to work on the project have removed all of their equipment and machinery from the region. They moved things to other work areas. In some instances, things were sold off to clear up the area. And the sale of the equipment was for far less than it was worth.

The Democrats think that they have all the answers. But what Biden has proved over the past year is that his party knows nothing about what it takes to run a country and keep the people safe. All he is concerned with is making his mark on history and trying to control things that are impossible for him to maneuver.

The high gas prices are Biden’s fault. He strangled the industry so much that projects that could have prevented the high prices can never be restarted.

The Republicans have the answers, and all it will take is for voters to get rid of the Democrats taking up space in Washington. Whip Steve Scalise is a Republican in the House, and he stated that “The challenge is that President Biden still won’t say ‘yes’ to American energy because to replace that Russian oil is the real critical step.”

The Democratic president has already mentioned that letting Americans tap their energy sources is not the answer. But he said he committed to energy independence. The problem is that he has no clue how to make it happen.