Russia Loses Everything With Its Exploits of Greed

Vladimir Putin has put his country in a very tight spot with the rest of the world. Not only has several major financial companies pulled their branches out of Russia many other countries are looking for ways to cease doing business with the murderous nation. The latest country to pull their presence and cooperation from Russia is Germany. They have stopped working with Russia in space endeavors and will not let Russia have access to their space equipment installed on Russian telescopes.

Nations worldwide are bolstering their military because the threat of a global war breaking out again is high. Germany is diverting much of its budget to military spending. And as a result of Germany spending more on military defense, the space program is grinding to a stop.

Russia and Germany worked together to use the Spektr-RG craft. The craft gathered information on black holes and other significant phenomena when it was shut down because of Russia’s military exploits. The instrument that Germany shut down was the eROSITA x-ray instrument.

The DLR stated that “As one of the largest research organizations in Europe, the German Aerospace Center (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt; DLR) is committed to engaging in international cooperation for the benefit of society and industry. DLR employs staff from 96 countries. They stand for the peaceful coexistence of all nations and peoples. Violence should never be a means to achieve objectives of any kind. We, therefore, view the developments in Ukraine with grave concern and condemn Russia’s hostile actions.”

Their position on the war is apparent. It is something that they cannot support and will not cooperate in joint adventures with another nation determined to murder and wipe out another country. The way Russia is waging war is indicative of the way Hitler killed everything in his path a century ago.

The DLR has a lot of people that work for it located all around the world. Sadly, Putin thought he needed to start another war to get things that were not his to have. He could have gone about it peacefully by negotiating for the minerals he needs to create the things his country is looking for.

They are never content to sit back and govern what they have. They fall into greed and believe that they need more land and people to control. But Putin is another page in a history book that describes the murderous exploits of dictators that wanted to rule the world.

The program’s termination and cooperation between the two nations are significant losses for Russia. They had ties to people and resources that could have benefited the country for decades to come. But they are willing to destroy that future for one that they may not want to live in should they lose the war.

The German space agency will move its attention to joining up with other more peaceful nations better equipped to work alongside the German people. There is no slack or room for Russia to wiggle out of losing its space exploration partner.

Dmitry Rogozin is the Director of Roscosmos. He stated, “Taking into account the completely unacceptable actions of our German colleagues, primarily the German Centre for Aviation and Cosmonautics, I turned off one of the telescopes of our space observatory ‘Spektr-RG,’ which is located at a distance of 1.5 million kilometers from Earth at the La Grange point L2. This is a completely civilian international mission to explore the starry sky.”

Russia had much more to gain by cooperating with nations instead of invading them. He could have led his county into the new frontier of space exploration instead of fighting over land. Putin is a man that lives in the past much like the Democrats do in America. The liberals in America love to relive the past and work at creating a Civil Rights era issue, which is something that is decades old.