Clear Evidence Putin Is Using Suicide Drones in Ukraine

President Putin seems to have had enough with the global mockery focused on his war capabilities. Recently a video was released by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense that showed a column of Russian tanks being ambushed and forced to retreat not far from Kyiv. 

Putin is now using what some have called “suicide drones” to counter the Ukrainian bravery being shown by their rag-tag army. The Russian Ministry of Defense released a video that was probably taken by an Orlan-10 UAV that showed laser-guided military strikes. The Orlan-10 is a medium-range, multi-purpose unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). It was developed by the Russian firm Special Technology Center LLC in St Petersburg.

Along with these weapons, Ukrainian sources have shown evidence of the remains of what looks like a Russian-made “kamikaze” suicide drone that landed over the Ukrainian capital. According to those sources in Ukraine, this drone contained a kilogram of explosives with metal balls. When it made contact with the roof of a building in the Podil neighborhood of Kyiv, it set the building on fire. 

This suicide drone looks like a KYB “kamikaze” UAV, it was developed by ZALA Aero Group. They are a company that focuses on manufacturing unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). This company is a subsidiary of the Kalashnikov Group, which is most well known for making the AK=47 Assault Rifle. If the drone is a “kamikaze” UAV, it is the first that Russia has used in the war on Ukraine. 

These drones are not only meant for reconnaissance but attack as well. They can stay in flight for 30 minutes and travel at speeds up to almost 80 miles per hour. The drone can carry a payload of almost 7 pounds. 

Russia used weapons like this in the war in Syria, according to reported by Russian state-owned news agencies Novosti and Russia Today. One Syrian official said that Russia used these drones in 2016 to attack hospitals. 

These weapons can be equipped with cameras that relay enemy positions on the ground and when a target is found it can dive onto it and detonate its warhead. 

Samuel Bendett is an advisor with the Strategy Policy, Plans, and Programs the US-based Centre for a New American Security. He said, “The Russians are developing the KUB to use it as an aerial minefield and have proposed that against [Bayraktar] TB2s (as low and slow flying UAVs), they could launch a dozen KUB drones given their swarm capabilities to first identify a Bayraktar and then attack it.”

These weapons have been decisive in wars over the last several years and they are very hard to defend against. 

The changes in Russian strategy also include showing more frontline videos from the war. They released a video of an airborne raid on the Hostomel Airport which was supposed to be a bloody battle. 

Ukrainian President Zelenskyy has indicated that 1,300 soldiers have died since the war began. 

Russia is now targeting fuel and oil reserves around Kyiv. They recently led a strike against the fuel farm at Vasylkiv Air Base and another strike on Hostomel Air Base. 

President Joe Biden is considering sending US-made kamikaze drones to Ukraine as a part of the $1 billion America is giving for security assistance. The president is considering sending both lightweight and ultramodern kamikaze drones that can fly up to 40 minutes and then dive-bomb a target. 

This may placate the Ukrainian president who has consistently asked for a no-fly zone. Biden has said no to the no-fly zone fearing it would start World War III.