Putin’s Appearance Gives Explanation to His Unexplainable Behaviors

Sodel Vladyslav/shutterstock.com

Vladimir Putin is proving to be an unstable man. The decisions that he is making are irrational, and the stories he is telling his soldiers are not adding up. The man keeps claiming that Russia will be victorious, but the facts are telling a different story. The resolve of the Ukrainian people and the intense financial pressure from the rest of the world make it extremely difficult to wage war.

The Russian ruler has a bloated appearance. The Daily Mail found and reported that he is “suffering from a brain disorder caused by dementia, Parkinson’s disease or ‘roid rage’ resulting from steroid treatment for cancer, intelligence sources have claimed.

Citing sources close to the Kremlin, senior figures in the Five Eyes intelligence alliance – comprising Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States – believe there is a physiological explanation for the Russian president’s globally reviled decision to invade Ukraine.”

Putin seems to want to revive the old communist Russia and restore his country’s power once had. But his actions mirror those of Adolf Hitler and his rise to power. Both of these two men will not be happy until they control the entire world. Hitler found out the hard way that global nomination was never an option. And Putin has reportedly indicated his eyes are on Europe next.

The spontaneous and unpredictable behavior of Putin mirrors that of Joe Biden. The American president may not be engaging in actual warfare, but his lust for power is seen in how he runs the country. Throughout the pandemic, the old man has been taken to court and told he is violating the Constitution. He was cut short of setting himself up as a dictator because of how the government was set up.

The Daily Mail also reported that a security person stated that “It is only human sources that can offer you the sort of rich picture that we have of Putin’s psyche. There has been an identifiable change in his decision-making over the past five years or so. Those around him see a marked change in the cogency and clarity of what he says and how he perceives the world around him.”

Putin is not the same man he was a few years ago that met with Donald Trump. He has turned into a raving lunatic determined to subject all of Asia and Europe to be under his control. Part of his plan is to build his pipeline to the western front, where he can control those that use Russian oil. The Ukrainian people were just the first step.

Russian soldiers are being lied to by the crazy leader that has been known to have fought cancer. And those drugs he is taking have changed the way his mind works. Putin and Biden are two peas that grew in the same pod. They both have memory issues, and they have an insane desire to control the world.

The Daily Mail and their sources report that Putin is stuck in a mental loop that continues to affect the way he thinks and acts. His physical appearance and mental outlook are not good. Many sources think that the Russian leaders are fighting cancer, Parkinson’s disease, even dementia. And the world already has a powerful ruler suffering from dementia which has undoubtedly created a dangerous situation in the world.

The world is in trouble now that two of the most influential leaders are going mentally crazy. Putin appears to have used excessive drugs and steroids to combat whatever his body is fighting. And just like Joe Biden, people are demanding that health checks be done and released, so people know how their leaders are feeling. But Biden’s and Putin’s inner circle keeps buffering people from finding out the truth with how they are doing with their health. Their inner circle may be able to hide a few things, but when Putin’s skin color changes, people wonder what is wrong with the man.