Self Proclaimed BLM Activist Arrested for Fraud Charges


The Black Lives Matter group has lied to the American people and stolen from all of those that were ignorant enough to support them. Their top-dog leader out of Boston is Monica Cannon-Grant, and her husband’s name is Clark Grant. Together, they were both charged with fraud and conspiracy with how they handled the BLM donations that were given to help with social change.

The Grant family has stolen over a million dollars from donors who thought they were giving to a cause that would change the country. But instead, the donors had their money taken and used to purchase private things to try and fill a greedy void. The greedy pair decided that they could take that money and use it to their advantage.

Cannon-Grant was dragged into the prison after being taken into custody near her home. Somehow, she convinced the court to let her go without bail. She did give a note of promise to show up for court when her time would come. But there is no guarantee that the violent Democratic supporter will honor her promise.

The raunchy liberal still maintains that she is innocent of all charges. She states that she never frauded anyone out of any money. The judge has barred her from handling any of the money at her non-profit organization. She so much as touches one penny she is in hot water. The judge overseeing her case is Judge Judith Dein.

Cannon-Grant has an attorney that is named Robert Goldstein. He stated that “we are extremely disappointed the government rushed to judgment here.” The government did not rush to anything. The Grants were taking money and using it to make their lives better. The money should have never been in their hands in the first place.

Goldstein stated that “VIB (Violence in Boston) and Monica have been fully cooperating, and their production of records remains ongoing. Drawing conclusions from an incomplete factual record does not represent the fair and fully informed process a citizen deserves from its government, especially someone like Monica who has worked tirelessly on behalf of her community.”

The accused couple are not the saints that their lawyer paints them to be. The entire organization is nothing more than a domestic terrorist club that is determined to destroy law enforcement and watch people die on the streets every time they decide to march in public.

Several times the BLM was asked by people of color to look into a recent death of a loved one. But every time, the person was denied. The leaders turned a blind eye because they did not care about people. All they want is the money so people like the Grants can spend it for themselves.

The lawyer is actively trying to find paperwork that would exonerate the couple. But so far, nothing has been produced.

The husband has already been found to have used BLM’s bank account to secure a mortgage on a property, and he was found taking money from pandemic funds illegally. He has several charges against him, and the proof of his involvement is overwhelming.

The Grant family is all charged with lying on applications, stealing donations, taking over a million dollars from a pandemic fund that could have helped honest people, and many other things. Their greed finally got the best of them, and they will get to stand trial and give an account of their crimes.

In one case, the couple took a donation designated to help young men, and they used it for themselves. The young men were to be taken and shown that there is life beyond the horrors that they know to be life. But now, those men will not have the chance to change their lives around because two people loved money more than they claimed to have loved people. Grant’s actions are an excellent example of how corrupt the Democratic Party and its supporters have become. Their motto claims that if they can get away with something, they will do everything in their power to make it happen.