New York Times Confirmation of Hunter Biden’s Laptop Is a Game Changer


The New York Times produced what should be a game-changer for President Joe Biden and his administration when they acknowledged the existence of Hunter Bidens missing laptop and the emails found on it. 

This laptop was first reported on by The New York Post just before the 2020 election. Now that The Times has added their substantial weight to the story a year and a half later, Biden is facing increasing pressure to deal with the many questions raised. The focus of the pressure revolves around allegations of Biden family corruption, according to Daily Wire reporter Cabot Phillips. 

Phillips wrote about the Biden administration, Theyre under growing pressure because for the last year and a half, theyve mostly refused to talk about it, and when they have talked about it, theyve mostly brushed it off as fake news or even Russian disinformation.

This is exactly what Simone Sanders did, she is a Biden campaign advisor. Sanders said that anyone who tries to share this story is promoting Russian misinformation.This was the same line that Jen Psaki has used as the White House Press Secretary. And President Biden has referred to the story about his sons laptop as a bunch of garbage.

Cabot Phillips believes that because of the confirmation from The New York Times, the president along with others in his administration should feel growing pressure to actually answer questions that have been asked and are now being demanded. 

It was back in September of 2020 that The Post reported on emails that had been recovered from Hunter Bidens laptop. These reports caused there to be accusations that the president might have been involved in business deals overseas that came from business partners of his son, Hunter. This laptop revealed emails, texts, and photos that showed Hunter Biden used his fathers position as Vice President under Barak Obama to leverage multi-million dollar business deals with companies in Ukraine and China.

Phillips wrote, On that note, one email for example showed Hunter receiving 20% equity in a Shanghai-based company along with a line that says 10 held by H for the Big Guy.Hunters business partner Tony Bobulinski has since publicly stated that the big guyhere is Joe Biden and the ten percent cut was being saved for him.

There is also information from this laptop that indicates that President Biden had connections with Russian Oligarchs which points to more of the presidents involvement in Hunters overseas business activities. The Senate has discovered a 3.5 million dollar payment from one of the wealthiest women in Russia that were given to a company that has connections with Hunter Biden. And now, with so many of Russias oligarchs being sanctioned, there is concern that this woman has not been sanctioned. It doesnt seem too much of a stretch to question whether there is an ongoing conflict of interest with the president. 

Former US Attorney General Bill Barr recently accused President Biden of lying to the American people during a presidential debate. He called the story from The New York Post a Russian plant.”

Barr said, I was very disturbed during the debate when candidate Biden lied to the American people about the laptop. Hes squarely confronted with the laptop, and he suggested that it was Russian disinformation and pointed to the letter written by some intelligence people that was baseless — which he knew was a lie.” 

Barr said that he was shocked by Bidens statement.

At the debate, Biden referenced 50 former national intelligence people who would say that information about his sons laptop was a Russian plant.” But last week, there were only 5 of those former leaders who said they would stand by the idea that it was a Russian information operation. 

So it should be interesting to see how the president and his administration will handle the mounting tension around the presidents son.