Howard Stern ‘Blames’ Republicans for Lifting Mask Mandates; Republicans Say You’re Welcome

Ron Adar/

Shock jock. Senior citizen. Spineless liberal. These are all terms used to describe NYC’s, Howard Stern. Even after 46 years in the radio business, Stern still cannot accept the views of people who see life differently than him. For him, Howard-vision is the only way to see life and to think differently makes you a problem.

Never mind the fact that questioning science is how science is done, Stern is instead wanting to chase after the CDC recommendations like the good little obedient NYC sewer rat that he is. He fails to see the non-CDC science that shows that masks are useless, and vaccines aren’t doing any good at this point. So when he decided to unleash all his pent-up rage at the freedom Republicans are enjoying by whining on his radio show, it came out horrifically. 

You’ve got all these wackos with their anti-mask, anti-vaccine, the reason they’ve lifted these mask mandates is because we gave into this small minority of people who are completely out of their f*ing mind who think masks are some sort of prison sentence and their freedoms are being taken away.” Poor Stern. It’s got to be painful being that angry at people for living their lives. 

Statements like these are why people listen to what he says and why he is a shock jock. The comments of this past Wednesday are not unusual for him. Especially since he seems to think that everyone on the globe is hanging on his every word; the Fact of the matter is his movie Private Parts is the only reason 85% of people know who he is. 

The Biden love is a new thing, but then again, he also had his problems with Trump. Maybe that’s why he switched away from loving the Republicans – the very party that wants to keep free speech free. This way people like Stern can keep their jobs by kissing up to the Dems.

His rant on the issue didn’t stop there though. “There’s so many wackos. I miss the old Republican Party. It used to be nice to have a two-party system. Now it’s wackos versus, you know, Democrats. The wacko party. And still to this day, and I hate to say it, only 65 percent of Americans are fully vaccinated, and I can’t help but think the wackos are winning.” He is right though; the two-party system was nice. It was people like him who forced everything to splinter. They couldn’t just make efforts to find common ground, they instead turn their backs and look elsewhere. Just like Stern did the people of NY when he dropped out of the gubernatorial race years ago, or his ex-wife most recently.

To say Republicans are the wackos simply for wanting to see the most out of their people is something that proves just how undervalued the idea of free thinking has become for the left. Ignore the rest of his rant about Republicans for a minute and focus on just this and you see that he is the sign of a bigger problem. He is insinuating that the American people need their government to tell them what is right and what is wrong for them. In his eyes, the American people should just wait for their elected leaders to decide everything, and they’ll just obey.

Ultimately that is socialism. Given the background of his family and especially both parents, you would think he would have a clue about how horrific it is to be persecuted for thinking on your own. If he didn’t learn about it from them, then he certainly should have learned it from hands-on experience. The masks and vaccines have become nothing more than tools for the Democrats to keep people oppressed. We don’t need oppression, socialism, or to have our rights stripped away. If anything we need our rights returned, and more protections of those rights.