The U.S. Secretly Let 35 Fair-Skinned Russians Through the U.S./Mexico Border Violating Strict Policy

F Armstrong Photography/

Mainstream news outlets are pros at directing public attention where they want it to go and this works perfectly for the U.S. government. While all eyes are intensely focused on whatever the big picture of the day is, it allows them to sneak around undetected. This was the case when U.S. officials snuck 35 Russian citizens into the country via the U.S./Mexico border while we were consumed with Will Smith slapping the taste out of Chris Rock.

The Russians were camped out at the border after fleeing their homeland when their leader got a wild gnarly hair up his rectum and started a war. They were camped among hopefuls from other countries with similar stories of violence and destruction, most of whom had fled their inevitable deaths had they stayed.

The Russians weren’t in any imminent danger of being killed. They weren’t dodging falling missiles like their neighbors in Ukraine, they simply disagreed with Putin and could no longer support him. They left their country in protest.

Because there was something different about this crew of refugees they were noticed. They didn’t look like the rest of them. Their fair-skinned complexions had them sticking out like a white man’s sore thumb in a sea of darkness.

While camping on a pedestrian crosswalk between Tijuana and San Diego, the group was unexpectedly approached by a man speaking their native language but who told them he was an American diplomat who could get them into the U.S. without further delay.

The group was brought in through a checkpoint that’s been shut down for months to avoid unwanted attention from snoopy reporters, and the operation was carried out in the wee hours of a pitch-black night when Mexican authorities handed them over to U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agents where they were politely escorted to an awaiting bus.

Current U.S. policy allows border agents to deny or expel anyone seeking asylum and they’ve been denying them left and right. No one has been getting past them. Allowing the Russians to skip to the head of the line violated this policy, but because their entry had been managed by the U.S. Consulate office in Tijuana, they received special favor.

One of the Russian war protestors who refused to give her name in an interview had only been camped out for a couple of nights. She said “it’s like Russian roulette. It’s completely unpredictable. You don’t know the steps along the way. You approach the border without knowing what is going to happen. You reach the border, but you don’t know if the immigration officer will let you through. Then, when you cross, you are detained, but you don’t know for how long or why.”

The refugees are being held in temporary custody as their visas are being processed but they’ll be out shortly. They were treated well in Mexica and were given food and warm clothing. Mexican authorities even set up a special shelter for them but the group decided it would be better to wait things out closer to the border so they camped instead.

This is not to say that the Russians should not have been granted entry. Anyone who hates Putin is more than welcome. But to bypass the countless others who will die if they return home might be construed as biased with a touch of racism. It was Biden who okayed the secret deal, so there you go…