Putin at the End Stages; Now Travels With Body Double To Protect Against Assassination

Rokas Tenys/shutterstock.com

Russian President Vladimir Putin has now gone full Saddam Hussein in his final days. Reportedly living with a body double in the presidential complex, this double can be him in public when going to Kremlin meetings or just to be a ‘decoy’ for excursions in public. Being taught how to walk like Putin, the double is said to be an uncanny likeness, and not easy to tell apart when very close.

An anonymous source spoke with the Star and let them in on some of the information out of Moscow. “We know Putin is paranoid about his security and this move just shows how seriously his team is taking the threat against his life. I would not be at all surprised if we hear in the next few months that Putin has died, and the reason given will be a heart attack or a long-term illness. I doubt they will admit it was an ­internal coup.”

Normally these kinds of statements would sound insane. People would be thinking that Putin has lost it, and he’s ready to get out of office. Given the recent poisonings of those conducting meetings between the two countries, these would be very valid concerns to have. Putin has not exactly been making friends with his attempts to invade Ukraine. Even with his ridiculous neo-Nazi excuses.

Now with the lessons learned about overconfident and lying military leaders, Putin is seeing the dangers of surrounding yourself with people who will do anything to keep you happy. They will tell you what you want to hear, and not the truth you need to know. This in turn puts your entire country at risk, and now Putin is learning that lesson the hard way and firsthand. As the Russian bodies begin to stack up, his commanders are desperate to look like they are gaining any ground they can.

This means the execution of numerous Ukrainian civilians as well as women and children. Bound hands and shot in the head, many are being executed and put into mass graves. These incidents alone are enough to push war crimes charges, but they have yet to be filed. They could be coming after the conflict ends, as any attempt to take in Putin now could lead to a massive surge in violence and the weapons being used against the Ukrainians.

As the world sits back and watches, many are sending relief packages to Ukraine, so they have help. While the country certainly needs boots on the ground, they are making great use of the resources they have been given, and people from other countries are coming in to help them as well. These people seem to be coming expecting on salary, just an AK-47, ammo, and an opportunity to help defeat the Russians.

For many of them, this may be their only chance to fight. Turned down by their home country for flat feet, or a bad bone break as a kid, these fighters are ready to risk it all for the thrill of combat and to defend those who may be unable to defend themselves. For others, this is their moment to get back into the fight. Retired, medically discharged, or just ETS’d Veterans have been making their way over as well. Some just have not yet learned to live without that weapon, and that makes them the most dangerous of all to Putin. These individuals especially wouldn’t hesitate to pull the trigger if given the shot. They see him as the true enemy, and even if our country isn’t sanctioning it, it would be for us, for Ukraine, for the world.