Obama Swoops in to Save Biden from Himself

John Kershner/shutterstock.com

It’s become clear that Joe Biden isn’t the president anyone wanted. Even the liberals who voted for him are looking the other way when Biden opens his mouth. And anyone in the White House who has had to walk back things the POTUS has said is ready to turn in their notice.

Biden was supposed to be capable of handling the presidency. After all, he had eight years as VP under Barack Obama.

Now, Obama is headed back to the White House so that he can help Biden with a few things.

As Biden’s approval rating continues to plummet, we’ve been wondering where Obama was to lend a helping hand. Surely, he wasn’t going to let his partner in crime flail for the entire four-year term of his presidency, right?

We already know that Kamala Harris isn’t going to help her boss. She can barely stay above water on her own. Taking Biden in would sink the proverbial ship for sure.

Since leaving office, this marks Obama’s first return. The Hill has reported that Obama is actually there to celebrate the Affordable Care Act – but really, it’s Obamacare to anyone who refers to it. The former president wouldn’t miss an opportunity to celebrate.

It is reported that there will be some marks delivered about not only the Affordable Care Act but also Medicaid so that millions of Americans have access to affordable health insurance.

The White House is quick to point out that it’s part of Biden’s agenda to “cut costs for American families.”

Biden and Harris will both be in attendance alongside Obama.

The comments made by the White House are cute. It’s as if they’re trying to give the current administration some props for what Obama did over eight years ago. The only thing Biden did was keep it in place.

And, realistically, when we’re looking at ways to cut costs for American families, Obamacare is the least of anyone’s worries. It’s not suddenly providing MORE of a savings. If Biden is concerned about cutting costs, perhaps he needs to look at other areas – such as food or gas costs. Those are becoming increasingly higher with each passing week.

Most Americans know that Obamacare is a lie. What promised to be a savings to the average American ended up costing many hundreds of dollars more each and every month.

But Obama isn’t coming to DC to tell us why we should fall in love with Obamacare all over again. And he’s not coming to campaign for Biden. Instead, he’s showing up to lend some support to Biden, assuming that Biden realizes that he’s there. We’ve seen how Biden can be lost at times, so his handler should make sure that he recognizes Obama.

There are plenty of reasons why Obama is showing up. We’ve seen how Black Dems are not pleased with what Biden has done. We’ve also seen how Biden has botched up so many issues within America, starting with renewable energy and ending with the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

With all of the headlines starting to stack up against Biden, Obama needs to show the president how to pick up the pieces and glue them all back together. After all, Obama spent eight years in the White House. Biden is lucky if he can last two at this point considering that his mental state is becoming increasingly more fragile.

Who knows? Maybe we’ll be treated to some kind of audio gem as Biden forgets which one of them is president or what in the world Obamacare is. We can only hope…