Kenosha Sees the Light and Finally Goes GOP

Michael R. Schmidt/

The county of Kenosha, Wisconsin has been a blue-washed area for local elections for decades. Now they have elected the first woman and fifth county executive to the post. After seeing the rapid decline of their county despite massive growth in tech jobs, they finally decided to join the GOP side in this local election.

As reported by Kenosha News “Samantha Kerkman defeated Rebecca Matoska-Mentink in Tuesday’s Spring Election to become the next Kenosha County Executive. In unofficial results, Kerkman, of Salem Lakes, received 14,693 votes, or 51.32% of the vote. Matoska-Mentink, of Pleasant Prairie, received 13,886, or 48.5% of the vote.” While not a landslide victory, it was more than enough to lock it up and get them back on the right track. She’ll be replacing County Executive Jim Kreuser who has occupied the position since 2008.

Wisconsin has been a battleground state for years, and Kenosha is a strong county with a growing red population. While election officials proclaimed that this would be a non-partisan race, the two officials running were backed by the Republican and Democratic parties. Donald Trump successfully swung the county red in 2016 by 238 votes; the first Republican to do so since Richard Nixon. In his 2020 re-election campaign, he grew that number to 2,700.

Given the violence and racially charged stories that have plagued the news about the county over the last few years, this kind of switch is a sign that the residents in Kenosha see the danger the Democrats and their progressive politics pose for their residents. The attention from the Kyle Rittenhouse case in the wake of BLM protests over the death of Jacob Blake painted the city in a negative light in mainstream media.

Kerkman spoke about the victory late on Tuesday. “I want to thank all my supporters and everyone who came out to vote. Becky called and I appreciate that. In the new role, we’ll work very closely together. I look forward to working with the County Board, and all the county offices…I think it was the experience that I bring from Madison. I have been working with the county executive for years on issues that impact the county.” Her statement of hope and experience showcases just what a bright decision Kenosha made by choosing her.

As Kenosha works to attract new businesses and economic growth, its focus must be on supporting that growth by any means possible. Getting the progressive message away from their laws and instead instilling a move conservative voice is how you get that growth and sustain it. The people of Kenosha can see that. Data about how badly progressive policies destroyed tech giants like California while pricing people out of their homes is everywhere. None of it points to a positive outcome.

Meanwhile, the few cities that have remained in a conservative majority are seeing growth and prosperity like never before. This kind of hope and drive to rebuild is something that cannot be overlooked. The American people are slowly starting to wake up to this fact, and Kenosha is one of the large and crucial swing districts to get the memo and understand the assignment.

With progressives everywhere believing that the Rittenhouse trial was now for nothing, this election proves just how much the good people of Kenosha trust in their Constitution. How deeply they believe in the 1st and 2nd Amendments. This faith is what keeps them moving forward in the face of the crybabies and allows them to prosper. The growth that comes from this kind of devotion is unparalleled and it cannot be overlooked. With the 2022 midterms coming up, could this be a sign of what the Dems have coming?