Separation of Family Members Is Biden’s Legacy but Togetherness Is Ron DeSantis’ Mission


The pandemic has led to many people being separated from their loved ones. The hardest hit were the people that found themselves in medical facilities and retirement centers. These places closed off their doors and were instructed to keep all visitors from having access to the patients. Family members were denied access to parents, siblings, and even children because of the fear that the COVID-19 virus would infect them.

The Democrats played a significant role in keeping people separated from loved ones. They kept spouting the notion that people needed to social distance and stay out of the medical facilities if they were sick with COVID. But that idea has only caused more harm than good. Having family around to encourage a person to get better helps build morale and boost a person’s spirit, which can help with healing.

The Democrats may want to split families up and blame it on the virus, but Ron DeSantis has had enough of people being locked out and kept from being able to see their loved ones as they recover from injury or surgery.

DeSantis signed into law the “No Patient Left Alone Act.” A person living in a care facility now must let the person designate someone in their family, a friend, or another person as an approved visitor. The governor’s office had made the statement that “The provider must allow in-person visitation by the essential caregiver for at least two hours daily in addition to any other visitation authorized by the provider.”

People have the right to visit their loved ones any time they want. For any facility or person to deny them that right is now a crime in Florida. People in a hospital room or nursing home will now be able to have family and friends come and visit them.

Ron DeSantis stated, “Throughout the pandemic, the federal government has waived protections for families to visit their loved ones in hospitals and long-term care facilities. That is unacceptable. Here in Florida, we recognize that family and human connection is one of the most important aspects of physical, mental, and emotional well-being and we are ensuring Floridians are never again denied the right to see their relatives and friends while in hospitals or nursing homes.”

The Democrats played the pandemic as long as possible, which enabled liberals to pass regulations designed to keep people separated. That single act played a massive role in damaging people’s mental health and physical well-being trying to get better. But there was not a Democrat alive that cared enough to take notice.

Joe Biden was more concerned with forcing people to vaccinate and wear a mask that he missed the opportunity to let people see family in care facilities. He is so self-centered that all he could focus on was getting what he wanted pushed through and enforced on the people.

The Floridian governor has proved once again that he cares about people. He had noticed the effects of the pandemic on society and how it had not changed back to the way it was before the horrors began. So now he has to sign laws to get people to stop abusing the rights of others.

Simone Marstiller is with the Agency for Health Care Administration. She noted that she had seen first-hand the horrors that people have been through because they could not have family encourage them in person or come for a visit. Patients would sit in silence, wishing for someone to come and visit them. But the medical facilities would not permit the people to come.

All medical facilities must adhere to the new law and permit visitors. Failure to follow the law will result in penalties from the state.

The nasty Democrats would have never passed such a law. They are content to let people continue to struggle long after the pandemic has ended. The Democrats often use the hardships people face to get what they want out of the people. They are often promised relief for certain things in return. But often, those promises are left disappointed. Biden has left man promises unfulfilled since he took office, and he has no intention of delivering on them.