Georgia’s Gov. Kemp Restores Constitutional Right to Bear Arms Without a License


Sacramento, an Orlando nightclub, a subway in Brooklyn, a concert in Las Vegas, a church in Georgia, and countless elementary schools. Every day seems to bring reports of yet another mass shooting where innocent blood was spilled and lives were prematurely stolen. Individual gun deaths from robberies, carjackings, heightened arguments, and so on, don’t splash headlines as much for their lack of shock value, but these are regular occurrences off every exit on every U.S. highway. 

Liberals have argued that the best way to stop the ever and rapidly growing problem is to ban guns altogether. This way we can go back to stabbing people like they do in the U.K. It’s more challenging and an attacker is limited to only five or six people at a time. Make ‘em work for that plasma.

Thank your higher power that the Libs are outnumbered. Georgia just became the 25th state that’ll allow you to tuck a pistol in your pants without a license. Peach stater’s no longer have to risk becoming defenseless tin ducks in a shooting arcade.

The new law introduced by Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp is called SB 319. Ahead of signing the bill into law, he said, “SB 319 makes sure that law-abiding Georgians, including our daughters and your family too, can protect themselves without having to have permission from your state government. The Constitution of the United States gives us that right, not the government.”

SB 319 states that a person need only be eligible to receive a license to carry, but if their record is clean, they don’t need to actually have one. Felons already know they aren’t allowed so nothing changes in this respect, and background checks will still be run at the time of purchase for any firearm. 

Carry permits are still available for traveling to reciprocal states that acknowledge permits from other states and a second new law known as

HB 218 now allows Georgia to accept licenses from those same states.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has already called for a special session to get his state on board with the no permit craze and folks in Nebraska and Louisiana are voting on the constitutional carry issue right now. As things currently appear, all three states are going to give the green light with little opposition. 

Not as many liberals are as deadset against carrying guns as they once were. The guy they kinda sorta voted into the Oval Office is partially to blame for their change of heart. 

Since 2000, the U.S. has experienced its highest homicide rate in modern history. Crime is out of control and worsening as inflation rips at the wallets of a pissed-off America where a dollar now equals a dime and the scarcity of products has consumers fighting in grocery stores over the last overpriced package of pork chops.

Georgia 2nd Amendment foundation was present for the signing of the new laws. One of the group’s representatives said, “We were honored to stand with Gov. Kemp, state lawmakers, & fellow 2A supporters today for the signing of SB319. GA is now joining 24 other states that no longer require law-abiding Americans to secure a license to exercise their fundamental, 2nd Amendment Rights.”

Good on Georgia and every other state that’s taking, or has already taken,  a bold step forward in restoring America’s Constitutional right to bear arms. A right that should have been allowed to be stripped away.