Biden’s in Bed with China and Tom Cotton Wants Answers

Stefano Garau/

Joe Biden keeps saying that he’s looking out for America – and then he or someone in his administration does something to completely contradict those words.

The moment we saw the executive orders on Biden’s first day, we learned that he was not taking an “America first” approach to politics.

Now, the White House is lifting countless tariffs on Chinese products. This is making Chinese products more affordable – and allowing China to increase its production for the U.S.

Shouldn’t we be looking to punish China? We need to maintain a hard position with them – but Biden is looking to take care of his friends. After all, they were certainly generous with Hunter.

The question has to be asked: why. We know that the Democrats aren’t going to ask.

That leaves Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) to ask the question. And he’s not being nice about it, either. He’s demanding the answers that every American wants to know – why are we suddenly terminating countless tariffs on Chinese products?

Section 301 tariffs have been eliminated on over 350 products that are made in China and, then, imported to the U.S. market. This move was made last month by U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) Katherine Tai.

Some of the products that will escape tariffs include solar water heaters, X-ray tables, thermostats, and even breast pumps.

We’re supposed to be strengthening the U.S. economy – not strengthening China’s economy.

Cotton wrote a letter to Tai, referring to the lifting of the tariffs as “economic appeasement.” He went on to say that USTR opened 301 investigations into the economic abuses of China but turned around and rewarded them with tariff exemptions. He wants to know what is going on, especially when so many of the products that are now free of tariffs are capable of being produced in the U.S.

More specifically, Cotton wants to know how much trade with China will increase, with an estimated dollar value.

Additionally, what did China do for us in exchange for these tariff exemptions? This couldn’t have been just a generous gift on our part, could it? There should be some kind of trade concession or reciprocal tariff exemption.

We have to stop bowing down to China. If the tables were reversed, they would do nothing to help us.

Cotton has been extremely critical of the relationship Biden has with China – and the relationship that many Democrats have with the communist nation. The senator from Arkansas even celebrated the 20th anniversary of China joining the World Trade Organization back in December. He made the comment that because of their joining the WTO, “millions of Americans lost good-paying, blue-collar jobs to the ‘China trade shock’ in the years that followed.”

As a result of trading with China, America has lost its manufacturing edge. In the 20 years that followed, at least 50,000 manufacturing plants in the U.S. have closed – and millions of Americans found that their jobs were no longer available. And why? So that we could help to make China into a richer nation.

Of course, Cotton has yet to hear any kind of explanation from Tai. If she thinks she can remain mute on the issue, though, she clearly has underestimated the GOP senator.

We cannot allow this kind of behavior to continue. China has broken countless labor laws. And, they have weakened our own supply chains. If Biden’s going to keep helping them, we need to get some Republicans into the White House as soon as possible.