Putin Loses a Key Person in Ukraine as War Continues to Stall Out

Gevorg Ghazaryan/shutterstock.com

Vladimir Putin is losing more than just the war. He is losing a lot of people that he has known for years and even cares about. Putin’s war is not just a war to gain land. It is a war to exterminate an entire people group. He has his commanders attack innocent civilians and murder them in cold blood while trying to flee the battle area. The Ukraine president has already proved to the world that the atrocities are happening, and yet significant powers sit by and do nothing to help.

But in a twist of fate, the Ukrainian people have finally gotten their hands on one person they have been looking for. Viktor Medvedchuk is the war criminal president Zelensky has been looking forward to capturing. Medvedchuk stands accused of treason and now will stand trial for his betrayal and actions against the Ukrainian people.

Medvedchuk’s connection to Putin is that he made the Russian president his daughter’s godfather. For Putin to lose such a close person will affect his already deluded mind.

Joe Biden has been reluctant to help the Ukrainian people. He is content to sit back and watch how everything unfolds on his White House television set. He has even tried to take credit for things happening in the war. But this time around, there is no mistake that the Ukrainian people caught their war criminal independently.

President Zelensky is the type of man that demonstrates patriotism instead of just talking about it. He has been fighting alongside his people since the start of the war. He was finally able to share a picture of their captured criminal for his people to see.

The capture of Medvedchuk is a significant motivator to keep on fighting. People have lost their lives defending their homeland, and when all seems lost, a significant breakthrough happens and inspires everyone to keep working towards freedom and victory.

The caption under the picture read, “Zelensky’s official telegram account announces that SBU caught the fugitive oligarch and Putin’s close friend Viktor Medvedchuk. Camouflage and all.”

United reported that “Medvedchuk, the leader of the ForLife political party had been interviewed in 2018 by The Independent. While he gave little clarity on his political aspirations, the political said ‘The government has no influence on life in the country. It has no monopoly of force.'”

Medvedchuk was once under house arrest right up until the war started. But somehow, he was able to escape and was later discovered fighting for Russia and against the people of Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin is the perfect example of what the nature of a Democrat looks like. He wants power and prestige and is willing to do whatever it takes to obtain his desires. And when he cannot achieve his lust for power through peaceful means, he will resort to war to take what he wants.

The Democrats are the same because they desire power and prestige. They must have control over everything and every person. And if they cannot have that control, they will start doing things that will give them what they want. They are even willing to hurt people to achieve their goals.

The Ukrainian people have come together as a nation should in a crisis. Their patriotism trumped their political differences. And they are making a difference in the war because they are fighting as one and not backing down from the murderous intentions of their northern neighbors.

Zelensky’s wife is Olena Zelensky, and she made mention that whatever happens to one Ukrainian person happens to everyone. Everyone suffers during a time of war.

The capture of Medvedchuk is a significant breakthrough in the war. The Russian military has lost a lot of critical people in the war to death or capture. And this one individual will be enough to fuel the Ukrainian people’s patriotism to keep fighting for their freedom. The Russian forces are bogged down and do not have the leadership of their generals because they have been killed in battle.