Biden Announces Plans to Lower Gas Prices, but There’s a Huge Problem

Alex Millauer/

President Biden has done everything he can to deflect blame for the inflation the US has undergone since he took office. Since gas prices have been the cornerstone of this inflation, and his changes in oil drilling policies started nearly the moment he took office, his deflection of this blame is incredibly irresponsible. In turn, these prices and the inflation have destroyed Democrats’ hopes for big wins in the November midterm elections.

With the US average sitting in the neighborhood of $4.27 a gallon, they have dropped since the rocket peak back in March. This isn’t because Biden did something mind you. Rather people have been unwilling to travel as far, and with a drop in demand gas prices plummeted. Considering the nation is still up $1 a gallon or more across the nation from when he took office, there is still a lot to be done to improve the situation. As spring warms the nation up, people will be taking more trips and the demand will of course go up again.

This would increase the demand for fuel in a big way. US Diplomats and economists are warning that gas could hit $5 a gallon across the country, and if we don’t import gas $6 a gallon is not outside the realm of possibilities. These price figures are already being seen in areas of the country, so if the average goes that high, the places already that high could potentially see $7-9 a gallon.

People have been wondering how Biden would respond to these forecasts. Naturally, he can’t do anything to help increase US production, as that would signify his push for the US to go green has failed miserably (and it has). When even Tesla Techno King Elon Musk has openly admitted the US is not ready to go fully electric and has urged the US to boost its oil production, you know we have problems going on. However, Biden has a solution for America to bounce back.

The grand solution Biden and his team have come up with isn’t one that people were expecting or hoping for. His idea as stated from a bioprocessing and ethanol plant in Iowa is to allow the winter blend of gasoline to be produced year-round. This fuel (commonly referred to as E15) is comprised of 15% ethanol and is largely produced just for winter months when many facilities shut down or go on limited production. Made from starchy plants like corn, this fuel can do some lasting damage to the environment, and when mass-produced it could impact the cost of corn-based foods.

This bump in the ethanol content is something Biden believes will make a significant impact, despite it only being moderately cheaper at the pump. Granted this fuel burns hotter, is less efficient, and causes premature detonation in many engines. Blowing too early causes a lot of problems for the engine, and it can cause it to fail prematurely. Another factor to consider is how unavailable E15 is now anyways. Only 30 states use E15 at any time, and of those states, it’s only 1 out of every 65 stations that will carry it.

If Biden wants to make a change in the pain Americans are feeling at the pump, slow the rate of inflation, and help save the environment he can undo the damage he has done to the oil industry. They need a chance to produce oil and gas in mass quantities. We need to reopen drilling and get the industry off its life support. While the left loves making the arguments about profits, these aren’t figures that happened randomly, these profits were forecasted years ago, and by shrinking the oil production Biden handed them even higher profits. He has a lot to learn about the economy if he wants to fix things. Then again maybe he just needs to quit the progressive politics.