Abrams Key Witness Called to Overthrow Trump

Al Teich/shutterstock.com

If you know much about Georgia’s Stacey Abrams, it’s likely that she tried and failed to win the seat of Governor in her state back in 2018. Of course, she claims that she unfairly lost, as if the election was stolen from her. How? Well, according to her and her Fair Fight Action Inc. group, voter ID laws put in place that year “suppressed” the minority vote allowing her opponent Brian Kemp to win.

In fact, she is so sold on the idea that she has not only not conceded that election nearly a full four years later, but she has instigated an investigation and a federal lawsuit against the state in the hopes of bringing down their “exact match” voter ID law and in essence how all state elections are run, according to The Associated Press.

As you might remember, the law, when newly instated, was rather controversial, as the political left took the side of Abrams in saying that it discouraged certain voters from going to the polls because of either their lack of ID or the ID they had did not match other state and federal records.

Hmmm, I wonder why that would be…

In any case, Abrams is still operating on this belief and making quite a stink about it. I presume the hope is to get the law shut down sooner rather than later so that the 2022 midterms and then the 2024 presidential election will be free to see whoever the Democrats want at the polls, no matter their citizenship status or criminal background.

The only problem on Abrams’ part, beyond the fact that the law doesn’t actually prohibit minority votes in the least, is that she’s done a not-so-great job at choosing so-called experts to prove her point.

Take Adrienne Jones, a Morehouse College political science professor, for instance.

As a key witness and someone who is supposed to be well versed in elections, how they work, and the politics behind them, Jones was called forward to make Abrams’ claims of voter suppression by the Republicans who put the ID law in place look legitimate and well deserved.

However, when such a key witness is also extremely biased, courts generally have a hard time believing anything about their information, no matter how true or not it may be.

And Jones is definitely biased, as the defense so clearly proved.

During her cross-examination, she actually admitted that she had once called for then-President Donald Trump to be overthrown, as well as that she believed that Congressional Republicans were planning “internment camps” for Americans.

Defense attorney Carey Miller asked her while on the stand, “Are you asserting here that Republicans in Congress are encouraging internment camps in 2018?”

Jones answered, “Yes.”