Biden Favors Big Donors to His Campaign by Providing Them with Lucrative Contracts

Evan El-Amin/

The Democrats have a history of secretly giving lucrative contracts to people and organizations that donate high amounts of money to their campaigns. Gavin Newsom was found providing contracts to his donors during the pandemic. He also discovered that he did not allow other companies to bid on the contracts before they were handed out. And now Joe Biden has been found doing the same thing. Big questions are coming up as to why it is happening.

Joe Biden promised the country that he would unite everyone and help make America a better place to live. But his track record since he stepped into office has been defined as divisive and partial to those that support his liberal campaign.

The president has a history of providing lucrative contracts to people and organizations that have donated large amounts of money to his and other Democratic campaigns. The issue has become so transparent that House Republicans are demanding answers to why it is taking place.

Newsbreak has reported on the letter drafted by Republicans and sent to the president. The letter stated that “Awarding lucrative government contracts to companies led by large Democratic donors is becoming a troubling Biden Administration pattern and raises questions about whether political contributions play a role in the decision to award federal taxpayer dollars.”

According to the letter, the founder and CEO of Masimo is Joe Kiani. He donated $3 million to various Democratic groups over the past year. And since that time, his company has received contracts from the Department of Defense, Department of Health and Human Services, and the even the Department of Veterans Affairs. All of the contracts total nearly $3 million.

Kiani has a thing for Joe Biden because he has donated millions of dollars to the old man. And in return, Biden is providing the man’s company with lucrative contracts as a reward for his loyal support.

Ralph Norman is a House representative from South Carolina. He stated that “Kiani has given more money to support President Biden than most Americans dream of having in their lifetimes. I’m determined to ensure this administration is not leveraging kickbacks in return for campaign financing.”

The liberals are known for rewarding loyal subjects. It is not beyond them to illegally take taxpayer money and reward their supporters with new contracts.

The Republicans also noted that Lukas Walton got a contract worth $500 million from the International Development Finance Institution. Walton was found to have donated over $400,000 to various Democrats and committees during the 2020 year.

Liberals love to take care of their own. They do not have a problem with rewarding faithfulness to their ideology.

Newsbreak has also found and reported that Kiani is one of Biden’s close friends. Biden even supposedly gave a speech at one of Kiani’s events. The two cheats go way back and have a history of supporting each other.

Supporters of Biden’s actions defend the old man by pointing out that the practice is not as uncommon as people would like to think. Sandy Maisel is a Colby College professor and a staunch Democrat who would blame Republicans for doing the same thing. Except she provides no examples of the alleged favoritism with her accusations.

The Republican Party has every right to investigate the actions of Joe Biden. His family is corrupt and has already been known to use their positions of power to gain lucrative positions within international corporations. Biden’s son still is under investigation for using daddy’s position as vice president to weasel his way onto the board of a company based in Ukraine.

America is under attack by a corrupt president and ready to betray the people. His quest for power and prestige will tear America down, but it will also harm people. The Democrats do not care about those that they use to gain power. All they care about is themselves.

But on occasion, they are known to award faithful supporters with lucrative contracts hidden under a mountain of paperwork. They hope that they will not be discovered. But the Republicans serving in Washington are keeping an eye on them and not letting them get away with illegal activity.