Ron DeSantis Reveals the Truth behind Biden’s Plan to Get Rid of Student Loan Debt for People


Joe Biden is not a Democrat because he has proven to embrace the dangerous philosophy of progressive socialism. Biden would love to be able to implement all the parts of socialism but has been unable to make it happen because people do not want to live under his rule. The Democratic Party has morphed into a club of greedy socialists seeking to make their name in politics.

The people that promote socialism have to make it seem that everything will be free with their form of government. They never tell how things will be paid for and who it is that will pay for the socialist programs. They do not want to reveal that they will raise taxes to extreme levels that will essentially bankrupt the country and rob every person of their hard-earned income.

The president has returned to the thought of forgiving thousands of dollars of student loans for thousands of people. The idea coming out of the White House is that the old man will forgive up to $10,000 of student loan money for people that earn between $150,000 to $300,000 a year. Biden would also love to forgive loan debt for people that have gone beyond college and worked at graduate-level education.

The people that owe federal student loans are not struggling to survive. Most borrows earn more than enough money to pay back their debts. The only reason that Biden wants to forgive student debt is to attract voters to his side. He essentially wants to forgive the debt people have with the hopes that they will cast a vote for a Democratic candidate.

Biden’s attempt to buy off voters has once again caught the attention of Florida’s Republican Governor Ron DeSantis. The Sunshine State governor stated that “Well, I think for sure it will

fuel inflation. It’s interesting, almost 60% of the outstanding debt in graduate school debt. People who have gone to law school, master’s programs, Ph.D. programs, and medical school. And

so it would just be odd to require a waitress, truck driver, or plumber to pay the student debt

that was incurred by somebody to get a Ph.D. in like, Zombie Studies, or just something that

really is not that pertinent.”

His point is that those who got an education in a pointless subject are the ones crying about their debt. They made a wrong choice and now want someone else to pay for it. But for, those that chose a reliable field of study have no problem paying off their loans.

The Democrats want people to think that all borrowers struggle to make enough money to survive. But the truth is that the payments on loans are so low that it would not free up a lot of money per month to make that big of a difference. Biden wants to buy off people’s socialist policies, so they blindly vote for his liberal mafia.

One of the big problems with Biden’s idea is that it relieves people of their responsibility to pay off their debts. Another major problem is that he wants those that live from one paycheck to another to pay the bill for those that make six figures a year. His idea is contrary to what his socialist beliefs stand for. The old man wants to make the poor pay for the debts of the rich. The election year has brought out the hypocrisy of what the Democrats stand for.

RedState noted that “Most student loan debt is graduate-level debt because that’s where colleges gouge people the most, fueled by a steady stream of easy money from the government over the last several decades. The industries with the greatest price increases over the last half-century are healthcare and education for a reason. The government always makes things worse.”

The liberal Democrats want to destroy America. They care about keeping their positions of power by enticing people to vote for them. And once they have the votes, they will forget the promises they made to the people and get right back into neglecting them.