Iran and China Teaming Up to Develop a Larger Force of Power

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The United States is still the mightiest nation ever to exist on earth. The men and women who make its ranks are the best patriots to serve their country. The military is the best-trained fighting force, and the technology used in war is unsurpassed by any other nation. So, it should surprise anyone that other nations actively work to steal technology and band together to match the awesomeness of the American military.

Iran and China have always been jealous of the American military. They have lustfully sought to acquire its advanced technology and use it for evil. Iran seeks nuclear weapons, and China seeks biological knowledge for killer weapons. Both nations lust for dominance and are willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen.

Iran has resisted returning to the table and negotiating with the United States. They do not want to subject themselves to any agreement that would limit their path to power. And China is constantly looking for ways to get one up on the United States. Both countries have the same goal and finally have decided to join forces to try and fulfill those dreams.

Iran has reached out to China to develop better relations with them. Their goal is to increase their military might against the west. Ebrahim Raisi in, the Iranian President, extended a warm invitation to Wei Fenghe, the Minister of National Defense for China. Both men got together and discussed how they could oppose American influence and power in their respective regions.

Wei was quoted as stating that both nations met to “improving the strategic defense cooperation.” Their idea of cooperation is to join forces and fight the United States at every chance. They know that their fight will be fruitful because the spineless Joe Biden is highly sympathetic to their cause. They know that Biden wants to see a weakened America and a strong communist and terrorist presence.

Raisi is convinced that his country must join up to combat western influence. He is convinced that the United States represents all the evil the world has to offer. He thinks that America is a terrorist nation even though his people are the ones that blow up innocent people. The United States is the power that can fight terror.

Raisi said, “Confronting unilateralism and creating stability and order is possible through cooperation of independent and like-minded powers.” He stated that any nation that operates and terrorizes people like his country is welcome to join the wicked alliance.

The two nations think that they will have better security by joining forces. But America is not a threat and will not invade another country or start a war. The United States only gets involved after the actions of the accused demand intervention.

Iran and China are the two nations most likely to start an incident. Iran has already launched several terror attacks against targets around its borders. And China continues its relentless attacks on commerce and western finances. Together these two countries seek the demise of the United States. And they know that their best chance is while Biden rocks to sleep in the White House.

We blasted the United States by stating that “Wherever the U.S. has had military presence, it has created waves of insecurity, instability, rifts, pessimism, war, destruction and displacement.” America’s enemies have moved from passive aggressiveness to outright attacks. Their boldness is coming out because Joe Biden is in the White House and will not counter their statements with force. He is content to sit back and let people attack the United States.

Iran and China are working together to develop a fighting force to attack the west. They have joined forces on paper and have started working together in military drills. Their goal is to combine their forces so they can resist any attempt by the United States to stop their tyranny from spreading.